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No one is going to judge you here for crying during a movie about a girl and her dog. Take this quiz to feel all warm and fuzzy about the uplifting films on Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Channel created a spinoff titled what?

If you want Hallmark movies with a few mystery series thrown in, here's your channel.


The Hallmark Channel originally began as what kind of channel?

It started as a religious channel and changed hands several times before becoming the Hallmark Channel.


Before we get to the movies, what landmark programming does Hallmark air on Super Bowl Sunday?

The Kitten Bowl is far cuter than any quarterback.


Before "Frozen," Hallmark did a movie based on what Hans Christian Andersen story?

"The Snow Queen" starred Bridget Fonda.


Who plays the Scrooge character in the Hallmark film "A Carol Christmas"?

Gary Coleman, William Shatner and James Cromwell play the ghosts.


What nonheartwarming story did Hallmark take on in 2004?

It was a bit more frightening fare than usual.


What did career-driven character Holly Grant get for Christmas in a 2004 Hallmark movie?

"A Boyfriend for Christmas" is the name of the movie.


Lea Thompson plays Jane Doe, a soccer mom who secretly works as what?

She must keep her work and life separate, of course.


"Karol" is …

"Karol: A Man Who Became Pope" was delayed due to the pope's death.


What famously baritone actor starred in the Hallmark movie "The Reading Room"?

James Earl Jones starred in the story of a man who opens a reading room in the inner city.


Dick Van Dyke and his son starred in a Hallmark movie series titled what?

Not to be confused with "Diagnosis Murder," which also aired on the Hallmark Channel.


What political scion wrote the script for the 2007 Hallmark movie "Sacrifices of the Heart"?

It was penned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis.


What is the plot of "A Stranger's Heart"?

It's complicated.


In "Pandemic," Tiffani-Amber Thiessen plays ...

She cracks the case!


What heartthrob played the Venetian trader and Asian traveler Marco Polo?

Somerhalder wasn't exactly typecast.


Not satisfied to stop with "A Boyfriend for Christmas," Hallmark made what film in 2007?

Ernest Borgnine starred in "A Grandpa for Christmas."


"The Good Witch" is about a woman who moves into a house haunted by what ghost?

The house is haunted by the Grey Lady. Several sequels and a TV series followed the movie.


Which is a title of a Hallmark movie?

"Shark Swarm" starred Daryl Hannah.


What is the plot of "Shark Swarm"?

They're not happy to attack alone, either.


"Ladies of the House" starred which actresses?

Henderson, Grier and Mills have to remodel a house, and high jinks ensue.


"Front of the Class" is the story of a teacher with ...

The movie is based on a true story of a teacher with Tourette's syndrome.


A real Hallmark film title is …

Starring Cybill Shepherd, "Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" is about an older woman enrolling at — you guessed it — Smith College.


A Hallmark film about a woman who adopts and trains a border collie is titled …

The dog's name is Lucky, naturally.


What is the plot of "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas"?

It works out in the end, don't you worry.


What real-life couple got the Hallmark movie treatment?

"William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" told the story of their relationship.


An military man is challenged by what in "Operation Cupcake"?

Will he be able to make the perfect devils' food cake in the end?


Not to be outdone by "A Carol Christmas," what other Hallmark movie is an adaptation of "A Christmas Carol"?

"It's Christmas, Carol!" starred Carrie Fisher.


Hallmark has a series of mystery films based on …

She spots valuable items at garage sales — and details that solve crimes!


A local chef is found dead in …

It's murder to the tooth.


Another series of Hallmark movies is titled …

The "Murder, She Baked" movies feature titles like "A Peach Cobbler Mystery" and "A Deadly Recipe."


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