Guys: How Dateable Are You?

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So maybe you've had a few complaints, or maybe you haven't had the chance to get a complaint because there's no action in the love department for you right now. This has ultimately led you to question what's going on with your dating abilities. While you may think you're a Prince Charming, the ladies don't see it that way. If you want to find out what you're doing wrong, you first need to find out if you're dateable or not ... it only makes sense right? So keep reading and we'll let you know what to expect. 

Whether you're a young Bambi just learning how to get on your feet in this game or whether you're a Casanova, it never hurts to know where you stand with the ladies. Knowing leads to improvement and refinement, which will ultimately lead to you getting the girl. And while not every woman wants the same thing from a man, there are a few key items that all ladies want: respect, attention and communication. If you aren't doing these things on a date, there's no way it'll go further than dinner at the Italian restaurant down the street. 

Now that you have an idea of what may or may not be going on with your dating game, it's time to get the answer you really want. Remember, honesty is the best policy, so good luck and feel free to try out another one of our quizzes to find out what girls like about you or what about you turns them off.  It never hurts to know! 

How dateable do you think you are?

Has you love life been pretty active?

How long ago was your last relationship?

How many dates have you been on in the past year?

How many of those first dates turned into something more?

Do your friends give you advice before a date?

Is your mom's opinion very important to you?

Where do you usually find your dates?

And how do you dress to go on these dates?

How important is it that you groom yourself before a date?

Which popular cologne would you pick for your date?

How often are you late for a date?

Where do you usually bring someone on a first date?

What do you guys talk about?

Have you ever not paid for the date?

Do you usually try to get a kiss on the first date?

How would you react if you tried to get a kiss and your date declined?

What turns you off about a date the most?

We need to talk about your taste in dates. What attracts you in another person?

Do you need to be taller than you date?

Does your date need to have an amazing job?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how high would you say your standards are?

What about you do your dates like the most?

And what have they complained about in the past?

How would you describe yourself?

Are you happy in your career?

Is your social life great?

Has anyone ever said you're afraid of commitment?

Do you want to get married?

What's missing in your life?

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