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Blocked gutters are a nuisance. You can save yourself the hassle of climbing a ladder to clear out the built-up debris and gunk by installing gutter guards. Take this quiz to learn more about different types of gutter guards and see which is best for you.

In what season are your gutters most likely to become blocked?

Even if you have gutter guards, you should still check your gutters for debris, especially in autumn when the trees are shedding their leaves. Snow and ice can also block gutters in the winter.


How useful are gutter guards?

Although gutter guards cannot guarantee complete protection from blocked gutters, they'll reduce the number of times your gutters will need cleaning.


How does the "reverse curve" gutter guard stop leaves from entering the gutter?

The reverse curve gutter guard covers the gutter, leaving a tiny slit for the water to enter while letting leaves fall to the ground.


What type of gutter guard uses a material with small holes to sift out debris?

A mesh gutter guard sifts out debris while allowing water into the gutter.


What size holes are recommended on a mesh gutter guard?

Small holes are less likely to get clogged with debris.


How does a bottle brush gutter guard stop debris from entering the gutter?

The bristles on a bottle brush gutter guard face upright so that debris can land on them while water flows through them.


When are nylon gutter guards especially useful?

Nylon gutter guards help to prevent snow and ice collecting in the gutter during the winter.


How do "non-gutter covers" get their name?

Non-gutter covers replace the gutter with a louvered system that diverts rain off the roof. A lot of rain will bypass the gutter, hence the name "non-gutter cover."


What material can be fit into the gutter to prevent debris from entering?

Foam gutter guards fit directly into the gutter. They block debris from entering while allowing water to soak through.


How can you save money when installing a gutter guard?

If you'd like to install a gutter guard but want to save money, try installing the gutter guard on your own. It's a manageable task for a few pairs of hands.


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