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Even in the 21st century, the Wild West holds a tight rein on the American spirit, a fact that’s embodied by the enduring popularity of a famous show called “Gunsmoke.” The show’s very name harkens to a dark and dangerous time when gutsy men and wily women struggled to survive on the treacherous frontier.

Did you know that “Gunsmoke” was actually very famous before it ever became a TV show? And that once it hit the small screen, it became one of the longest-running programs in television history? For two whole decades, this show captured the iconic imagery of boots, spurs, and saddles and projected them into dramatic episodes that still evoke strong memories for audiences everywhere. Do you think you remember enough of those chaparral adventures to ace our quiz?

From the trusty marshal to the courageous saloon owner, “Gunsmoke” took stereotypical cowboy tropes and turned them into legends that have lasted for decades. The program’s writers weren’t content to sit on clichés; instead, they composed stories that touched on the stark, brutal reality of an untamed land and uncivilized people who were as likely to kill a man as help him.

It was a bold move for a major TV network – do you remember which one aired this series… and when? “Gunsmoke” spawned huge stars, thanks to its success, but can you recall the characters and the actors who played them? Saddle up and take our “Gunsmoke” quiz now!

Which actor played the "Gunsmoke" character Marshal Matt Dillon?

Prior to "Gunsmoke," Arness appeared in the western "Big Jim McLain" with John Wayne.


Which character is the marshal featured in the series "Gunsmoke"?

Matt Dillon is the marshal in "Gunsmoke."


Which character was the owner of the saloon in the series "Gunsmoke"?

Russell owned the saloon in the television series. The Miss Kitty character was a tough businesswoman with a soft spot for regulars.


What's the name of Miss Kitty's saloon?

The Long Branch Saloon was the frequent site of barroom brawls.


Which "Gunsmoke" character did Milburn Stone play in the television series?

Stone played the character Doc Adams. In 1968, Stone won a prime-time Emmy for outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role in a drama for his work in the series "Gunsmoke."


Which actor plays Chester Goode in the television series?

Weaver, who died in 2006, wasn't a shoo-in for the role. However, when he asked for a second chance to read the lines and used an exaggerated country twang, he was awarded the part.


Which actress played the "Gunsmoke" character Kitty Russell in the television series?

Blake was nominated for a prime-time Emmy in 1959 for best supporting actress in a dramtic series for her work in the series "Gunsmoke."


Which actor played the "Gunsmoke" character Festus Haggen in the television series?

Before beginning his acting career, Curtis sang in Tommy Dorsey's band and with the Sons of the Pioneers.


Which "Gunsmoke" character replaced Chester Goode as deputy in the television series?

Haggen came to Dodge City to seek revenge for the death of his twin brother, Fergus.


What is the setting for the television series "Gunsmoke"?

Dodge City, Kansas, was the real-life setting for the last gunfight of infamous outlaw Bat Masterson in 1881. Masterson survived the fray but was fined $8.


Which character is Marshal Dillon's first deputy?

Chester Goode is Marshal Dillon's first deputy.


True or false: The television series "Gunsmoke" was inspired by a radio series.

"Gunsmoke" was a television version of a radio series. The radio series ran from April 26, 1952, to June 11, 1961, and starred William Conrad as the main character, Marshal Matt Dillon.


True or false: "Gunsmoke" was nearly canceled in 1967.

The television series "Gunsmoke" was scheduled to be canceled in 1967 because of a ratings drop. William Paley, the CBS president at the time, moved the series from Saturday night to Monday night, and the series regained a Top 10 spot in Nielsen's ratings.


What first name did Milburn Stone choose for Doc Adams?

Actor Milburn Stone chose the first name Galen for Doc Adams.


Which U.S. television network aired "Gunsmoke"?

CBS aired the series.


Which successful actor played the blacksmith Quint Asper in the television series "Gunsmoke"?

During the 1970s and '80s, Reynolds was an American sex symbol who once posed nearly nude in "Cosmopolitan."


What was the title of the theme song of the television series "Gunsmoke"?

"The Old Trail" was written by Rex Koury and Glenn Spencer.


True or false: The cast members of "Gunsmoke" were the first to know of the cancellation of the series.

Network executives did not tell the cast members of "Gunsmoke" about the cancellation of the series. Most learned of the cancellation in trade publications.


Which time period is the setting for "Gunsmoke"?

The television series "Gunsmoke" is set in the 1870s, following the Civil War.


How many seasons did the television series "Gunsmoke" air?

The television series "Gunsmoke" aired for 20 seasons. There was not an official series finale, because the show was unexpectedly canceled before the next season could begin.


When did the last episode of "Gunsmoke" air?

The last episode aired on March 31, 1975.


How many episodes of the series were produced?

CBS produced 635 episodes of "Gunsmoke."


During which season did the series "Gunsmoke" begin broadcasting in color?

It began broadcasting in color with the season 12 premiere episode, "Snap Decision." The episode originally aired on Sept. 17, 1966.


When did the television series "Gunsmoke" premiere?

"Gunsmoke" debuted on Sept. 10, 1955.


In which year did the actor Dennis Weaver leave "Gunsmoke"?

Weaver left the series in 1964. After leaving "Gunsmoke," Weaver appeared in many movies and starred in several television shows, including "Gentle Ben" and "McCloud."


Along with James Arness, which other "Gunsmoke" actor was in the series for all 20 seasons?

Arness and Stone were the only actors to remain with the series for all 20 seasons.


In which season did "Gunsmoke" begin airing 60-minute episodes?

Beginning with season seven, "Gunsmoke" changed to 60-minute episodes. The first six seasons of the series featured 30-minute episodes.


Which actor played the last character to be killed in the series "Gunsmoke"?

Busey played character Harve Daley in the episode titled "The Busters," which originally aired on March 10, 1975.


How many television movies did "Gunsmoke" inspire?

"Gunsmoke" spawned five television reunion movies. Six of the show's actors, including Burt Reynolds, reunited in Dodge City, Kansas, in 2015.


How many seasons of "Gunsmoke" aired before Doc Adams was given a first name?

After 16 seasons of "Gunsmoke," Doc Adams was finally given a first name. Producers let Milburn Stone, the actor who played Adams, choose the character's first name.


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