Quiz: Guns in the Sky: The Battle of Britain
Guns in the Sky: The Battle of Britain
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki commons

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In the early months of World War II, the German air force swarmed relentlessly all over Western Europe, setting up a showdown with England. How much do you know about the Battle of Britain?

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Which Allied military force played the biggest role in the Battle of Britain?
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The Battle of Britain was the first all-air battle in the history of human warfare.
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How long did the Battle of Britain last?
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In 1940, when did France fall to the Germans?
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Before the battle began, Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that the survival of WHAT depended on the outcome of the fight?
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How did the RAF fair during the air war as the Germans attacked France?
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The Germans conquered Netherlands in May 1940, just before the Battle of Britain began. What impact did the Netherlands assault have on Nazi plans for Britain?
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Following World War I, Germany was prohibited from training aircrews. How did the country manage to develop pilots in time for World War II?
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Before launching their first attacks, what was the quality of German intelligence?
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How many warplanes did the Allies lose during the battle?
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At the time the battle started, what was Britain's weekly warplane production?
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What was one advantage of German He 111 bombers?
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With regards to the battle, what was "Rotte"?
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As the battle continued, how did Germany's pilot training programs manage to maintain sufficient numbers of aviators?
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During this battle, which British fighter model was the most numerous?
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As the battle began, Hitler told his airmen to bomb civilian areas as a means to force the British to surrender.
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British Spitfire warplanes were tasked with what mission?
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During the battle, British Spitfire fighters shot down how many German aircraft?
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As the battle dragged on into late summer, how did German air force leaders perceive the momentum of the fight?
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Why did German leaders encourage their aircrews to crash land into the English Channel instead of parachuting from their planes?
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How many warplanes did Germany lose in the course of the battle?
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When did the Germans began the "Blitz"?
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At high altitude, how did the German Bf 109 compare to the British Spitfire?
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The Battle of Britain was the first major setback that the Germans suffered during World War II.
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