Quiz: Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records
By: Nathan Chandler
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Some are crazy, some look painful, some are kind of bizarre...but all of them are incredible. How much do you know about Guinness World Records?

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What's the confirmed height of the world's tallest dog?
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Two men rebuilt a mobility scooter for maximum speed. What was the scooter's top speed?
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What's the longest a human male has ever held his breath?
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German soccer fan Christian Kinner set a record for yelling the word "goal," which is screamed in celebration when a team scores. How long did Kinner yell the word before catching his breath?
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What was the wingspan of the smallest airplane ever flown?
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What's the record for the greatest number of fingers and toes on a single person?
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How big was the largest baby every born?
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What was the fastest land speed ever achieved by a car?
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On a female, how long were the longest fingernails (combined total length) ever recorded?
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When did Lee Redmond begin growing out her fingernails in order to top more than 28 feet?
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What's the length of the longest-ever recorded human neck?
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Italian Dimitri Panciera balanced the record number of scoops of ice cream on one cone. How many scoops did he cram onto the cone?
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What's the length of the largest working rifle in the world?
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What's the heaviest aircraft ever pulled by a human being?
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Where did the tallest man in history live?
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How big were Robert Wadlow's shoes?
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In 2012, a macaw named Zac set a record for the number of drink cans opened in one minute. How many did he open?
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What was the hottest outdoors temperature ever officially recorded on Earth?
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What was the highest mileage ever recorded for a consumer vehicle?
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What's the greatest number of children ever born to one human mother?
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What's the record for number of hamburgers consumed in three minutes?
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In 2013, a house cat named Alley set the record for the longest horizontal jump. How far did the cat leap?
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What's the highest recorded speed achieved by a racehorse?
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How old was the oldest person in history?
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With a corset, what's the measurement of the smallest waist ever recorded on a woman?
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What is the record for the greatest number of spoons balanced on a human face?
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What's the record for the highest vertical jump by a dog?
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What's the record for the greatest number of clothes pegs clipped to a human face in 60 seconds?
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What was the length of the longest snake ever held in captivity?
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What's the record for the most chin ups in one minute?
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