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New York City is known for its amazing museums. The Guggenheim Museum is special for being a work of art, inside and out. Take this quiz to learn more about the Guggenheim Museum.

Where is New York City's Guggenheim Museum located?

The Guggenheim is located at 89th Street and 5th Avenue.


Who designed the distinctive building?

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim in NYC.


When did the Guggenheim Museum open?

The Guggenheim opened in the fall of 1959 and was quite controversial.


Where does the "Guggenheim" name come from?

The Guggenheim Foundation, sponsored by Solomon R. Guggenheim, commissioned the museum.


Who was not a guest at the grand opening of the museum?

Both Solomon R. Guggenheim and Frank Lloyd Wright died before the grand opening.


What does the Guggenheim resemble?

The shape is reminiscent of a coiled ribbon.


How much are tickets to the Guggenheim?

Adult tickets are $18, but check the Internet for free or discounted admission tickets.


Which pioneer of the Pop Art movement has work on display in the Guggenheim Museum?

Roy Lichtenstein's work is on display in the Guggenheim.


Where are the other Guggenheim Museums located?

There are five Guggenheim Museums: in NYC, Venice, Balboa, Berlin and the soon-to-open Abu Dhabi Guggenheim.


How do the various locations of the Guggenheim Museums differ?

Each museum can feel like a different experience, and the local flavor adds variety in addition to special exhibits.


What style of art can you find in the Guggenheim Museum?

You can find Conceptual and Post-Minimalist examples in the museum.


What may children enjoy at the museum?

Some of the art may be too highbrow for kids, but chances are they will like the Family Tour and Workshop.


How will you know what you are seeing at the museum?

Headphones for an audio tour to explain what you are seeing are included in the price of admission.


What does the Guggenheim lack?

The museum design did not include traditional windows.


What is the price of admission to the museum for young children?

Children under the age of 12 pay no admission.


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