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Whether you grew up worshipping Kurt or stomped through Seattle in Docs with Eddie, this quiz will take you back to the days of heroin-chic style and tortured songwriting. Nobody here will judge your ratty flannel, so wear it with pride when you take our ultimate grunge band quiz.

What band was NOT on the grunge-heavy, Seattle-based Sub Pop record label?

That's right, Pearl Jam was on Epic Records and not indie-darling Sub Pop. Cue the "sellout" heckle here.


What band's break-up resulted in several members forming Pearl Jam?

Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard of Mother Love Bone took a chance on Eddie Vedder when looking for a new project. It paid off in a million '90s crushes.


What grunge legend was NOT born in the Northwest?

Eddie is not a bona fide Seattle native, but he's definitely an adopted son. Vedder was born in Illinois, but he spent most of his childhood in San Diego.


What '90s grunge band released its ninth studio album in 2013?

Making music for 25 years, Mudhoney has remained a grunge staple.


What band is still touring in 2014, albeit without one member, who's touring with Pearl Jam?

After a break-up in the '90s, Soundgarden began recording and touring together again in 2010. But Matt Cameron wears two hats, as drummer for both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.


Grunge wasn't just for the guys. What influential '90s band did NOT include women?

Alice may have been shackled, but she wasn't in the band.


Pearl Jam was originally named after what basketball player?

Needing a last-minute (but temporary) name for the band on its first tour, the guys produced a Mookie Blaylock card and settled on the moniker. It's also the name Eddie Vedder uses to stay under in hotels. (Not true, but it should be!)


What famous grunge artist was in a band called Fecal Matter before hitting it big?

With songs like "Buffy's Pregnant" and "Bambi Slaughter," Cobain clearly enjoyed the song-naming process even in his early days.


What band got its big break after winning a national demo competition?

The 15-year old Aussies who would go on to become Silverchair won a competition with the (soon-to-be) hit song "Tomorrow."


What influential grunge pioneer died of a heroin overdose before hitting it big?

Mother Love Bone was credited as one of the earliest grunge bands. Its lead singer died in 1990 before the band made the mainstream scene.


L7 was a band that didn't shy away from controversy. What was one antic the band is NOT known for?

This is actually just a hint of the hijinks L7 got up to in the early '90s. If you want to learn a lot more explicit facts, just look up the 1992 Reading Festival.


What early Seattle band -- with a name that harkened to a geographical feature in the area -- paved the way for the grunge movement?

Green River was around in the mid-'80s, but its members went on to form Mudhoney and Pearl Jam. Legend says, however, the band was named for the then-notorious Green River serial killer, not the river itself.


The New York Times famously printed "grunge slang" jokingly supplied by a bored receptionist at Sub Pop records. What was NOT one of the terms she made up on the spot?

Ah, the halcyon days of '90s Seattle, when the "tom-tom club" (uncool people) were forgetting to wear their "wack slacks" (ripped jeans) when "swingin' on the flippity-flop" (hanging out).


What album hit 10 million in U.S. sales in 2013?

More than 20 years after its 1991 release, Pearl Jam's album "Ten" hit 10 million sales in 2013. Celine Dion's album "Let's Talk About Love" is set to hit the mark next, so get your Pearl Jam/Celine mix ready!


What grunge "supergroup" boasted members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam?

Started as a tribute to their late friend Andrew Wood, the (one and only) Temple of the Dog album went platinum after its 1991 release.


7 Year Bitch's album "¡Viva Zapata!" was named in tribute to what?

Mia Zapata fronted The Gits before she was brutally murdered in 1993. Fellow Seattle band 7 Year Bitch named its 1994 album for her.


What movie did Courtney Love have a part in before joining Hole?

Love originally auditioned for the part of Nancy, but landed a role as her pal. A natural fit.


What grunge band was forced to add a superscript "x" to its name in Canada for copyright reasons?

Canadian guitarist Domenic Troiano already had a copyright for the band named Bush, and he wouldn't let the British rockers use anything but BushX until 1997.


What decidedly un-grunge song did Layne Staley audition with to get in the first iteration of Alice in Chains?

Glam rock wasn't dead yet when Staley auditioned for his first band.


What band's original name -- Mighty Joe Young -- was taken from a 1949 film?

Sounds much more wholesome than the grunge scene normally would allow, right? Perhaps the Stone Temple Pilots were right to choose a name with a bit more mystery.


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