Quiz: The Ultimate Growing Kids Room Quiz
The Ultimate Growing Kids Room Quiz
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Before you realized that your child has become a tween, the reality hits home. Your budding tween just approached you to complain that his or her bedroom is for babies and you must change it. You reassure your child with a smile and a hug before heading to your best ally, HowStuffWorks. Take our growing kids room quiz before heading out to the store with your new tween.

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What is the most common term in use today that describes kids heading into adolescence?
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What is generally accepted as essential for a tween?
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What is important to keep in mind when designing a bedroom for your tween?
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A tween is generally defined as a child between the ages of:
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Approximately how many tweens are there in the United States?
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What is the secret for adding room accessories for a tween?
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What is a good choice to provide seating when friends come over to do homework and have fun?
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What is a major influence that inspires male tweens' decorating choices?
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What is a major influence that inspires female tweens' decorating choices?
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What is one area where you can easily allow tweens to express their changing tastes?
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What types of décor are girl tweens likely to prefer in their room?
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