Quiz: Quiz: Picking the Right Green Kitchen Option
Quiz: Picking the Right Green Kitchen Option
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What do you really know about your options for remodeling your kitchen for sustainability? Find out how much when you take our Fact or Fiction: Green Kitchen Construction Materials quiz.

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Renovating your kitchen to go green will clean out your bank account.
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Glass countertops are not environmentally friendly because glass is a non-recyclable resource.
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If the label on your paint can says it doesn't contain harmful chemicals, believe it.
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The government isn't doing much to encourage green building.
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Replacing kitchen light bulbs with CFL bulbs will result in immediate, noticeable savings.
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Recycled fibers look cheap and fake when used as cabinets or flooring.
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Bamboo regenerates itself, thus providing a sustainable building resource.
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Your kitchen can't generate solar power unless you install panels in the windows, roof or lawn.
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Building with green construction materials pays off.
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Replacing kitchen flooring will take about a week.
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Adding a plant to your kitchen is considered green remodeling.
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Recycling glass is so expensive, some states don't do it.
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Bamboo flooring and cabinets have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years.
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At least seven eco-friendly countertop construction materials exist on the market today.
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Soap is either green or not.
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Wall paper is greener than paint.
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That abandoned barn on the farm up the road has nothing to do with your kitchen plans.
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Going green is an excuse to spend money with no real benefits.
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Unless you remodel your kitchen, it can't be green.
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