Quiz: Real or Bogus: Green Construction Tech Quiz
Real or Bogus: Green Construction Tech Quiz
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Can you tell the difference between amazing technology and amazing fantasy? Take our green construction technology quiz and find out.

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The first solar cell was invented at almost the same time as the incandescent light bulb in the late 19th century.
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The area of roof space available on buildings in Australia could power the entire world with electricity.
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The energy expended to create solar panels is made up by their clean energy production within four years.
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Rammed-earth brick construction has been around for 7,000 years.
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Storm water management programs harness the power of rainwater and runoff to aid the environment.
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In construction, "cool roofs" are so named because of their intricate and fashionable designs.
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Electrochromic smart glass detects the amount of light coming through a window and automatically tints to create an optimum lighting environment.
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Iceland uses geothermal energy to supply more than 25 percent of its power.
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Who needs snow plows? Iceland uses geothermal power to melt the ice blocking its highways.
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Constructing with recycled insulation only helps the environment by reusing material that would otherwise be thrown away.
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In North America between the years of 2006 and 2007, companies used nearly 1.5 billion pounds of recycled glass to create fiberglass insulation.
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The majority of insulation used in U.S. homes contains at least 50 percent recycled material.
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Got milk? Biodegradable paint earns its name by using milk in its unusual mixture.
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Devices that can communicate the amount of power usage in your house with the appliances inside are called "super meters."
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GM's Brillion smart appliances will determine the optimal time of day to run processes like dishwashing or heating water.
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A smart refrigerator LG displayed at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show can scan food and determine when it's about to go bad.
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Passive solar design uses panels to collect light, but not as many panels as an active solar system.
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A method of green construction uses straw to build houses. Remind you of any fairy tale starring wolves and pigs?
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A construction technique known as "zero-energy building" creates a structure that uses no energy of any kind to operate.
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The United States ranks first in the world in annual wind power generation.
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