Quiz: The Greek Gods and Goddesses Quiz
The Greek Gods and Goddesses Quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: A Rey/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Want to do well on this quiz? There's a good chance that there's a Greek god or goddess who can help with that if you know who to look to.

There were 12 primary gods, known as the Twelve Olympians, who met on Mount Olympus. They loved and hated one another as well as the mortals, appearing to them as lustful lovers or as nightmares, or not at all until death. They fell in love, in hate, and into many vengeful states, but Zeus and these gods weren't the only ones with a hand in the fate of mortals, or a good story to tell. 

Before the Olympians, and before the gods as we often think of them to be, there was a state of pre-existence, before mortals and before our world. In this primordial state came the first gods, who ruled over the Earth, the underworld, the darkness, and the other basic parts of life around us.

See how much you know about not only the primary gods and their contemporaries, but also how well you know the gods who came before them.

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Along with his demigod twin Pollux, who was transformed into the constellation Gemini?
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Who is known as The North Wind?
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Who became King of the Gods after a revolt against his father?
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What group of gods came before all others?
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Which lesser deity, who stands at the throne of the king of all gods, is the god of romantic jealousy?
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Which god only appears to mortals as the god of death?
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Which ill-tempered sea god is also the god of horses?
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Often represented as a child with a cornucopia, who is the god of wealth?
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Which healer-god the was physician to the gods of Mount Olympus?
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Of the wind gods, who is the personification of The West Wind?
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A serpentine monster with 100 heads, which god is the known as the Father of All Monsters?
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As the god of dreams, who's known to appear to mortals while they sleep?
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Who among Zeus' sons, himself one of the great heroes on Mount Olympus, is the god of heroes?
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Which young man with wings on his shoulders is the Greek personification of sleep?
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Which brother of Zeus is the god of the dead and King of the Underworld?
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The eldest of The Muses, who was also the wisest of the nine?
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Which god of the sun is often depicted driving his four-horse chariot across the sky?
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Which god of wine and winemaking was born from his father's thigh?
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Born of sea foam, which goddess is the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation?
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Which Queen of the Underworld was also the goddess of spring?
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Known as the god of light, who is also the god of music, poetry, and art?
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She's the sister-wife of Zeus and Queen of Olympus, but who is also the goddess of women, marriage, and family?
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Known as the goddess of fertility, which goddess oversees the cycle of life and death?
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Who is known as the god of war and described as a bloodthirsty killer and conqueror of castles?
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Often depicted carrying a bow-and-arrow, who is the Greek god of love?
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Which fast-traveling messenger god is known to be a bit of a trickster?
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An attendant to Aphrodite as well as one of The Graces, which goddess is the goddess of flowers?
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Who is known as Lady Fortune, the goddess who presides over fate and fortune?
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Known as the god of fire, who created weapons for the gods?
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Often depicted pulling the moon across the night sky, who is the goddess of the moon?
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Don't forget to pay the ferryman. Who would ferry the souls of the dead across the underworld rivers?
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Which fish-tailed god is the herald for his father, the god of the sea?
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According to Greek mythology, who was it who molded the first human form out of clay?
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Known as the divine personification of brute strength, which of Zeus' winged enforcers is the god of power and strength?
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