Quiz: Who Quizzes the Quizmen: A Graphic Novel Quiz
Who Quizzes the Quizmen: A Graphic Novel Quiz
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It's enough to make Batman sigh with envy -- graphic novels are the big boys of comic books, grappling with the human experience in ways the Caped Crusader could only dream of. How much do you know about the art of graphic novels?

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Which movie is based on a graphic novel?
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What kind of art form is a graphic novel?
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What was one of the first comics to be named a graphic novel retroactively?
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Graphic novels bear many hallmarks of comic books, including which elements?
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Some academics who study graphic novels say that these kinds of books should be considered what?
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How many writers does it take to create a graphic novel?
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Why do some students with learning disabilities like dyslexia have an easier time reading graphic novels than traditional books?
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These days, school librarians often do what with graphic novels?
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