Quiz: How Well Do You Know Hunting Slang?
How Well Do You Know Hunting Slang?
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

Are you reading to test your knowledge of hunting slang? A lot of people think that hunters have a secret language all their own. Well, it isn't actually a secret, you just have to be in the know to figure out what hunters are talking about. Do you have their lingo down?Do you know what to do when a deer "bleats"? What about when it "blows?" I am sure when you hear about bedding areas you might want to lay down and take a nap, but to a hunter, it means something totally different. What kind of a tree stand is a "climber?" Would you like to be around during the October lull, and if you were would it matter to you if things were pre-rut or not? 

We aren't doubting you at all, we know that you're the type of person that has a thirst for knowledge. Some people get all their knowledge from books or the Internet,  while others learn by doing, with this quiz it doesn't matter how you learned your information, as long as you know the difference between a "rub", a "rut' and a "score" you will probably do fine. Just make sure you've got some scent control ready, then take this quiz to prove your knowledge. 

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Why would you "flush" a game bird?
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An "axe" would refer to which hunting weapon?
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You want to shoot an animal in which part of the body?
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What's a nickname for a bird decoy?
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Which type of hunting is best during a "grand passage"?
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If you're "glassing" something, what are you doing?
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What does it mean if a turkey "hangs up"?
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What's most likely to happen to hunters overcome by "buck fever"?
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If you're shooting "Huns," what are you shooting?
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Most hunters prefer to shoot "slick heads."
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What's a "smoke pole"?
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What does it mean if an animal "jumps the string"?
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"Toad" is slang for what?
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"Flight day" refers to the trip that duck hunters make to the airport.
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Why do many hunters try to avoid the "pumpkin patch"?
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"Timber tigers" are the most prized game animal in North America.
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If your hunting dog smells a game bird, he will act WHAT?
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Everyone wants to bag a "button buck."
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Where would you put a "wall hanger"?
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Where would you be most likely to find a "speed goat"?
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What kind of animal is often "tight-lipped"?
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To what does "white gold" refer?
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What kind of animal "breaks point"?
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The term "shoe polisher" might be used to describe what?
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Where would "mulies" be most common?
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What does it mean if a bird is "airwashed"?
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It’s a good thing if a hunting dog "busts" a bird.
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"Canecutter" is slang for what kind of animal?
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