Quiz: Good night, John-Boy: The Waltons quiz
Good night, John-Boy: The Waltons quiz
By: Bambi Turner

About This Quiz

Was The Waltons one of your favorite television shows? Then this quiz is for you. The show aired in the 1970s, so you might want to brush up on your Waltons trivia before you get started. When you're ready, let's find out how much you remember about this iconic show.

Goodnight John Boy, goodnight Maryellen, goodnight... ok, we could go on, but you get the idea. One of the main things that most people remember about The Waltons was the ending scene of every show, where the family said goodnight to one another... all of them. And, since it was a big family, this took a while.

Starring Ralph Waite and Michael Learned as Ma and Pa Walton, and with Richard Thomas as John Boy, the storyteller of the clan, The Waltons first aired in September 1972 and ran for nine seasons and 221 episodes, ending in the summer of 1981. The series was created by Earl Hamner, Jr. and was based on his book, Spencer's Mountain (which was released as a film in 1963). John Walton, Jr., or John Boy, had six siblings, and his paternal grandparents, Zeb and Ester, also lived in the house. What a houseful!

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Where is the show set?
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What is John-Boy's biggest dream for his future?
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What is Ike Godsey's role in the community?
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What are the Baldwin sisters known for making?
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Each episode of the show ends with what scene?
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Where does patriarch John Walton work?
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What does Yancy Tucker famously steal?
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True or false: John-Boy finally makes it to college.
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Which local resident does Corabeth Walton marry when she comes to town?
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What is Mary Ellen's dream career?
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What is the name of Mary Ellen's first husband?
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Which of the Walton children is a music whiz?
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Which of these is owned by Flossie Brimmer?
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True or false: John-Boy dies while fighting in WWII.
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Who does Ben marry?
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Who is the youngest of the Walton kids?
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Which Walton child was a twin?
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Who does John-Boy eventually marry?
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What is the name of Verdie Grant's husband?
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How many children are in the Walton family?
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Which member of the family is stricken with polio in the season one finale?
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What does Olivia get John for their 25th anniversary?
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Which of the Walton kids gets married in the special, "Mother's Day on Walton Mountain"?
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In what decade is the show set when it first premieres?
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What is the name of the Walton matriarch?
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What is Ep Bridges' role in town?
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How many seasons did the show run?
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What is the name of the local schoolteacher?
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True or false: All four Walton boys were in the military during WWII.
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What event takes place during the special, "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion"?
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