Go Shopping at Sephora and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

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About This Quiz

Here's your chance to buy everything you've ever wanted from Sephora! The items we find on your receipt will tell us more about you than you would ever want us to know; however, we just want to take our best guess at your zodiac sign! From the type of eyeliner you prefer to the shades you like hanging around your eyeshadow palate, the things you choose to purchase from Sephora will give us clues about your birth sign! 

Although makeup styles are not restricted to certain zodiac signs, our team of beauticians and estheticians have noticed a few common traits. The way you fill up an entire basket at Sephora will assuredly match up some of those traits enabling us to figure out when you were born. More specifically, under what zodiac sign you were born! Share the products you love and the products that you don't like so much, and we'll know which of the star signs you and your amazing tastes in cosmetics fall under!

Put on your most relaxing robe and apply a Sephora mask while you go through this quiz! Remember to choose the item you would actually buy in person, and we'll know if you are a Scorpio or something else. Let's go shopping! 

Which Sephora Palatte would end up in your cart?

Which skincare product line would you like to try?

Which new Sephora fragrance sounds most like your style?

Which new bath and body product would you add to your basket?

Do you ever shop at Sephora.com?

Which kind of Sephora foundation do you like best?

Which Chanel men's product would you buy as a gift?

Which item by The Ordinary would you like to try most?

Who would you take on a Sephora shopping spree with you?

Which Killian fragrance do you think smells the best?

Would you add a bottle of Olaplex to your cart?

Which Huda Cosmetics item would you like to have most of?

Which Glow Recipe item do you buy most often?

Which Ouai haircare item could your hair use most?

Which Marc Jacobs lip care product would you buy more than one of?

Which Urban Decay product is a must have?

How many sets of Velour Lashes would you get?

Which tooth whitening product would you use?

What do you like most about Sephora?

Which brand of shower products would you like to have the most of?

Which type of face mask would you recommend to a friend?

Would you buy a toothbrush at Sephora?

Which makeup brush set would you most like to own?

Have you ever used a How-To on Sephora's website?

Which Sephora Collection product would you stock up on?

Which Dior item would you have the most of in your basket?

Which Moroccanoil Treatment have you tried?

Would you like to try a Sephora subscription box?

Would you add any self tanners to your cart?

Which item are you likely to grab a lifetime supply of?

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