Go Shopping at Hot Topic and We'll Tell You Your Stripper Name!

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Towards the end of the 1980s, fashion was starting to calm down.  Jewel-colored tones began replacing the standard neon pinks, blues, and yellows, and it seemed that there was no real store to embrace this darker color palette of fashion.  

Enter Hot Topic. In 1988, this now mall staple opened its doors in a small store in California. Starting out with just music themed accessories, this brand has branched out embracing various markets including music, movies, house and home, fashion, and at one time, they even had baby merchandise. 

In 2001, Hot Topic did something really cool: they opened Torrid, a plus-sized market that let the ladies with curves get their merch too! In addition to all this, both stores have foundations with Torrid donating some of its profits to help women get training and funds they need to succeed and Hot Topic donates some of its profits to a foundation that helps underprivileged children and teens to learn about music. 

Just like Hot Topic, stripping has always pushed an envelope. Because of its niche audience, there are basically two schools of thought that describe the populace's opinions: they are seen as people who objectify themselves for money or that they are performers who are empowering themselves and providing an example for others to follow suit.  

With its variety of products, it's easy for a creative mind to come up with their stripper names at a store like Hot Topic. If you're curious about what influences this store could have on your stripper name, go ahead and take this quiz. We'll give you some ideas that could help you further your career!

Why did you decide to become a stripper?

What theme would you use when you took the stage?

When you got to the mall, what kind of transportation did you use?

Who are you shopping with?

When strolling through the mall, what drew you into Hot Topic?

Once inside the store, which section are you heading towards?

Do you have tattoos? If so, what is it?

Before your first performance, what drink would you have to chase away your nerves?

What food do you eat before hitting the stage?

What semi-permanent hair color would you use?

What hairstyle would you wear when you performed?

What Blackheart Beauty lip color would you wear?

What accessory would you likely use to emphasize your look?

What kind of shoes would you wear for your performance?

Let’s talk hosiery. Which type of stocking found at Hot Topic would you wear?

What kind of body jewelry would you wear?

What perfume would you wear?

Will you be using body glitter?

What song would you use for your routine?

Are you going to go into the champagne room?

Will you go topless?

If the bar is short staffed, what job would you take?

Would you do a lap dance for a couple?

What Funko figurine would you own?

What prop would you use?

If you had a fan offered you money, would you take it?

After your performance one night, you come backstage to a bouquet of flowers. What do you do with them?

If an obsessed fan were to give you a gift from Hot Topic, what do you think it would be?

If your obsessed fan started to scare you, what would you do?

One of your fans storms into the dressing room! What do you do?

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