Go Shopping at Guitar Center and We'll Tell You Which Legendary Guitarist You Are!

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About This Quiz

Since their start in San Francisco in 1972, Guitar Center has grown into a nationwide force! With every sort of instrument and accessories you could ever want for your musical set up, Guitar Center has become the go-to for musicians everywhere. Grab a big cart, and fill it up to the top! 

During this quiz, you have an unlimited amount of money to build up the studio of your dreams. By the time you're done, we'll know which legendary guitarist you are most like at heart! We highly recommend turning your tunes up to 11 while you answer the questions we present. As you choose the items you want to take home with you, you'll give away clues about the things you have in common with some of our most beloved guitarists. 

Sure, you might not be able to shred like Hendrix, but we're sure that you know your way around a fretboard or a keyboard enough to figure it out. No matter what kind of musical experience might be, even the most novice of musicians will be able to make their dreams come true during this shop-a-thon! 

You might think you are the next Jimmy Page, but let's make sure before you start bragging to your friends!

Which Guitar Center section would you spend the most time shopping in?

What kind of lessons might you want to take?

Which brand of guitar would you add to your cart?

What kind of guitar strings would you buy?

What kind of keyboard would you load into your car?

What type of amp do you think sounds best?

What kind of lighting would you purchase for your practice space?

What might you pick up from the DJ section?

Which woodwind instrument would you put in your cart?

Which instrument would you get from the brass band instrument section?

Which concert percussion item would you like most?

What would you pick up from the Live Performance section?

Which company's microphones would you add?

What kind of guitar pedal would you get?

Which brand of recording software would you buy?

Which guitarist would you like to accompany you while you shop at Guitar Center?

What kind of drum set would you take home?

What kind of midi controller would you get?

What are you most likely to rent from Guitar Center?

What kind of music stand do you need most?

What type of guitar would you want more than one of?

What kind of novelty item would you load up on?

What kind of bass guitar sounds the best?

Do you prefer Epiphone or Gibson products?

What kind of instrument cables would you snag?

Who makes the best guitar picks?

Which brand of headphones would you pick up for the whole family?

Which kind of stringed instrument would you prefer to learn?

What do you like most about Guitar Center?

What kind of guitar strap would you choose?

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