Go on a Fishing Trip and We'll Give You a Military Nickname

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Serving in the military is a high calling indeed, and that's why on the face of it, it can be surprising that so many people are truly drawn to it, even when other careers and opportunities are open to them. This is because the military is not a monolithic entity. Contrary to how Hollywood often portrays it, it's not just made up of 6-foot-tall square-jawed superhero types. Indeed, for each one of those, there are at least 10 men and women in other roles, from logistics to intelligence to research and development to supplies to medics to engineers, and that's just a glimpse of the scope of the overall operation.

That's why all sorts of people can find a place in the military, where their skills will be put to great use — and the job you have and the way you do it are inevitably going to earn you a military nickname. Of course, the characteristics that earn this name will also guide you when you date, when you find a civilian job, and when you go on a trip. That's why if you tell us how you'd plan and execute a fishing trip, we can figure out the perfect military nickname for you!

What month is your favorite time to go fishing?

Who organizes the snacks?

Did you know where to find the fish?

If you hook one, play it, but then lose it, how do you feel?

Could you teach another participant to cast?

How are your fly-tying skills?

Are you going to keep what you catch?

If it's a little drizzly, what do you do?

Would you know how to handle it if someone got a fly hooked on their own hand?

What sort of fish do you most like to fish for?

How would you travel to the river/lake/ocean in question?

Did you bring any sunglasses, just in case it's bright?

Would you bring any children on the fishing trip?

How far in advance did you plan the trip?

Besides kids, who is invited to come with you?

What sort of boots will you wear?

If you bring a friend and they're not enjoying it, what do you do?

Do you net your own fish, or ask someone to net it for you?

What do you use to put a caught fish out of its misery?

If you're not doing catch-and-release, where will you cook the fish?

Do you own a rod, or do you have to rent?

If you bring your dog, how will you stop them mucking up the trip by scaring all the fish away?

What do you do when you get water in your waders?

What sort of hat do you wear while fishing?

What music do you listen to while fishing?

Have you ever noodled a catfish?

You have a fish ready to net when your buddy falls in the river. Do you lose your fish to rescue him?

How long will you fish without catching something before giving up in disgust?

How did you learn to cast?

If you needed the bathroom badly, but the fish were really biting, how close would you be willing to cut it?

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