Go Grocery Shopping and We'll Tell You Which Foreign Snack Food You Need in Your Life

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Grocery shopping- whether you like to do it or not, it's something we all need to do if we want to have food in our homes. Walking through each aisle every week with a cart, looking for things we might need is just a necessary part of life. And although there are times it can be quite enjoyable, most times it's not. But we think we've found the solution. How would you like to go on a virtual grocery shopping trip (you don't have to lift any heavy items, tell your child to get out of the cart or pay any money!)? 

We want you to tell us about your budget, pick out some fruits and vegetables and tell us what kind of oil you usually get. We want you to tell us what kind of water and milk you like to drink, which brand of potato chips is the tastiest and what kind of cereal you need to restock. 

In return, we'll tell you something! We'll tell you which foreign (and maybe weird) snack food you need to pick up at your grocery store -- in real life, of course! Are you ready to starting munching on something new? Then let's get started!

What's your monthly grocery shopping budget?

How many times would you say you go to the grocery store in a week?

How do you usually dress to go shopping?

Who usually goes with you?

Are you always able to stick to your budget?

How important are coupons to you?

Which of these bigger stores do you shop at?

Do you make your shopping list ahead of time?

Are you team shopping cart or shopping basket?

Let's get some seasoning first. What makes your meat taste the best?

But what fresh herb do you always have on deck?

And which oil do you cook with the most?

Which fruit do you alway stock up on?

And which berry makes you smile?

And which vegetable do you never buy?

Which brand of water is always in your fridge?

Which drink that's not water takes up the most space in your fridge?

When it comes to alcohol, what do you buy at the grocery store?

What's your usual meat of choice from the deli?

What's the best thing in the frozen foods section?

Which cereal can never last more than a week at your house?

If your cereal is all done, what drink do you buy as a back up to keep in your house?

What kind of milk is your choice?

What kind of cheese is your household's favorite?

Time for some snacks. Which chip brand is your favorite?

And which of these candies do you always fling into your cart or basket?

You're getting hungry while you're shopping. What quick snack do you buy to eat on the spot?

Are you a self checkout or cashier kind of person?

How often do you forget an item on your list?

What word best describes your average grocery shopping trip?

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