Go Through Boot Camp and We'll Tell You How High You'll Rank in the Military

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Boot camp is the first stage in joining the military - that is, assuming you pass the baseline background check and haven't got a record as long as your arm. It typically lasts ten weeks, which grow progressively more and more grueling. Recruits have to be pretty fit and healthy just to get into boot camp in the first place, and only the best make it all the way to the end. 

They undergo rigorous physical training multiple times a day, and learn the discipline of Army life, from caring for their equipment to marching in step to immediately following any lawful order without complaining or deviating. They train with a variety of weapons, as well as in hand to hand combat, and learn survival skills from building a fire to finding clean water to fixing trench foot to sewing on a button to operating an encrypted radio under fire, at night, in the rain, on zero sleep. Recruits also learn about the military's history and tactics, and about active theaters of war into which they may be deployed.

Do you have what it takes? Of course you do - but exactly how much you have will tell us where your military career might go after boot camp is over. Let's get started!

What sort of shape do you arrive in?

How many demerits do you expect to get?

Where in the class will you graduate?

Do you have a lot of firearms experience?

Does the live fire exercise freak you out?

Can you get over the 6' wall on the first go?

Is Hell Week actually heaven to you?

Do you love working out until you puke?

Can you clean a room with a toothbrush?

Do you prefer the stick or carrot when you lead?

Do you love the academic study too?

Do you like being yelled at?

Why do the other recruits respect you?

If you get injured, could you soldier on anyway?

Are you good at functioning on very little sleep?

How often do you call home?

Whose photo is beside your bunk?

How do you feel about the food?

How long does it take you to polish your boots?

When making your bed, how neat is it?

Are you good at sewing?

You're doing wilderness survival and you see some berries. Do you know if you can eat them?

Do you talk back to the drill sergeant?

A fellow recruit has fallen behind. What do you do?

How good are you at marching?

If you saw bullying, what would you do about it?

How soon do you get appointed to lead a squad?

Do you get any commendations?

Do you enjoy the whole boot camp process far more than is rational?

Why did you join up?

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