Quiz: Go Bird Watching with Us in Africa and See if You Can Identify These Birds!
Go Bird Watching with Us in Africa and See if You Can Identify These Birds!
By: Becky
Image: Steve Smith/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Are you a bird watching expert? Do you spend your weekends dressed in a safari outfit with your field glasses looking for the most unique bird in the bunch? Or do you just find that you are an amateur with an interest in birding who is glued to the National Geographic Channel every time a birdwatching program comes on? If you can say yes to any or all of these questions, then this is the quiz for you. Let's see if you know as much as you think you do about birds native to Africa.

Birdwatching, or birding, is a pastime known as citizen science. More than a few "regular" people have discovered a species of bird that was never before seen or that may have been thought to have become extinct. These citizen scientists are considered helpers to ornithologists, the formal bird scientists.

We know that there are many birds native to Africa that have cousins throughout the world, so you might find this quiz a bit tricky. But, if you know your stuff, you should be able to identify each of the following 40 birds that are found in Africa from just an image. Are you ready to test your knowledge?

Let's get started.

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I can't fly. Who am I?
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I'm colorful, and I can talk. What kind of bird am I?
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I really like to eat insects. Who am I?
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I've got a bill like a musical instrument. What bird am I?
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I wear a fancy headdress. Do you know my name?
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My cousin is the national bird of the US. What bird am I?
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I love to eat bananas. What kind of bird am I?
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It is rumored I deliver babies. Do you know what kind of bird I am?
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I like to live in the weeds. What kind of bird am I?
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I make intricate nests. Can you name me?
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I don't really like bulls. Can you name me?
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I love to wade in the water. Which bird am I?
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The word for bird is in my name. Who am I?
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I have cousins in North America and Europe. Can you identify me?
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I love to fly loops. Can you name me?
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My gorgeous crown is made of feathers. Which bird am I?
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I dine while flying. What bird am I?
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I'm the royal cousin of the official American bird.
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I don't always hang out at the beach. Which bird am I?
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I'm heavy, but I can still fly. Do you know who I am?
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I'm a type of parrot. Can you name me?
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Some say I deliver babies. Can you identify me?
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I do like my meals somewhat rotten. What kind of bird am I?
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I'm a coastal bird. Can you name me?
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I'm a proud, stately bird. Which one am I?
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I look like I'm dressed for a wedding. Which bird am I?
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I can walk on water. What bird am I?
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I prefer to stay out of the sun. Can you identify me?
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I'm becoming endangered. What bird am I?
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My American cousins are gray. Who am I?
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I'm named after the man who discovered me. Who am I?
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I'm a cuckoo bird. Who am I?
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I prefer to live near water. Do you know who I am?
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I live in swamps and shallow lakes. Do you know who I am?
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I like to perch on large mammals. Do you know who I am?
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I'm very aggressive. Can you identify me?
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I have a very long tail. Do you know who I am?
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I live along shorelines and mudflats. Who am I?
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I live in the Nile Valley. Which bird am I?
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I am a popular pet in Africa. Who am I?
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