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After a nine-year hiatus, everyone's favorite fast-talking mother-daughter small-town drama will be back on the air (briefly) in 2016. Time to bone up on your "Gilmore Girls" facts and pop-culture references.

How many seasons of "Gilmore Girls" aired?

There were 153 episodes of "Gilmore Girls" over seven seasons.

What's the title of the "Gilmore Girls" theme song?

"Where You Lead" is the catchy theme song.

Who sings "Where You Lead"?

Carole King wrote the song and performs it with her daughter, Louise Goffin.

Where does "Gilmore Girls" take place?

The town of Stars Hollow, Conn., is practically a character itself.

Who runs the dance studio in Stars Hollow?

Miss Patty is pretty much the unofficial mayor of Stars Hollow.

Who are Lorelai's parents?

Richard and Emily live not far from Stars Hollow and have gone through many a maid and cook.

How old was Lorelai when she had Rory?

Lorelai got pregnant right before her debutante ball and had Rory when she was 16.

In order, who were Rory's serious boyfriends?

There was quite a bit of overlap and off-and-ons with the three, but the order was Dean, Jess, Logan.

Lorelai's childhood bedroom was plastered with posters of this band.

Lorelai claims the Bangles and Metallica as two of her favorite bands, but her room was pretty heavy on Duran Duran.

What's the name of the private school Rory transfers to for 10th grade?

Rory switches from Stars Hollow High to Chilton Prep.

What's the name of Lane's band?

Lane is the drummer for Hep Alien.

What real-life rock star plays a member of Hep Alien?

Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row, plays Hep Alien's guitarist, Gil.

What is Lorelai's dog's name?

Lorelai adopts shaggy little Paul Anka in season 6.

The online magazine "Decider" took a count of Kirk's odd jobs. What was the final tally?

At one point, Kirk claims that he's had 15,000 jobs, and "Decider" counted 62 of them.

What's the name of the inn Lorelai manages at the start of the series?

Lorelai worked her way up from maid to manager at the Independence Inn.

What's the name of the inn Lorelai starts with Sookie?

After the Independence burns down, Lorelai and Sookie save up to buy the Dragonfly.

Why do Lorelai and Rory have Friday dinners with Richard and Emily?

The elder Gilmores agreed to pay Rory's Chilton tuition only if the girls come to dinner once a week.

Who was the teacher who gave Rory her first D and then got engaged to Lorelai?

Max Medina was Rory's English teacher and almost her stepfather.

Why does Lorelai always have to sleep in the guest room at Jason's place?

Jason has many quirks, one of which is his ability to wake up at the drop of a hat.

In what season do Lorelai and Luke finally get together?

Luke and Lorelai finally kiss in the final episode of season 4.

Who interrupts that kiss?

A naked, screaming Kirk runs out of the inn, holding a strategically placed pillow.

On their first date, what does Luke reveal that he's had in his wallet for years?

Luke has held on to a horoscope Lorelai gave him the first time they met.

Are Lorelai and Luke together at the end of the series?

Luke and Lorelai have a lot of dramatic back-and-forth in the final season, but they do kiss at the end of the series finale.

Why does Rory get arrested at the end of season 5?

Devastated over the bad performance review she gets from Logan's dad, she persuades Logan to steal a yacht and sail away with her.

Who is Rory's journalistic idol?

Rory can barely contain herself when Christiane Amanpour shows up at the Dragonfly.

Logan belongs to this secret society at Yale.

Logan brings Rory to a few Life & Death Brigade events.

Lorelai and Christopher are in this city when they suddenly decide to get married in the final season.

Lorelai and Christopher take his daughter to Paris to see her mother, and then they proceed to spontaneously get married.

In the final episode of the series, what are Lorelai and Rory planning to do after Rory's graduation from Yale?

Lorelai and Rory are mapping out a rollercoaster road trip, but Rory ends up getting a job with Barack Obama's campaign.

Where is Paris off to at the end of the series?

In the series finale, we learn that Paris will finally realize her dream of going to Harvard.

Which of these main characters was long reported NOT returning for the new Netflix season?

In February 2016, Melissa McCarthy said she had not been asked to reprise the role of Sookie. However, in an April 2016 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," she announced that they'd worked it all out. Oy with the poodles already, that was a rough one on die-hard Sookie fans.

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