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Every locale has its spooky legends, from haunted places to the dearly departed who simply refuse to move on. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of spirits and spooks from around the globe.

In which of these countries are people most likely to fear <i>toyols</i>?

The green-skinned goblins known as <i>toyols </i>spook the people of Malaysia and Indonesia and may have origins in pre-Islamic Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Which of these results in the birth of a <i>toyol</i>?

<i>Toyols</i> are the reanimated corpses of babies, making them particularly creepy.


What do <i>toyol</i> keepers feed these creepy creatures?

A person who nourishes a <i>toyol</i> with a drop of blood can rely on the spirit to steal or perform other dastardly deeds to benefit its master.


Where do the Indian ghosts known as <i>skondhokatas</i> prefer to hang out?

<i>Skondhokatas</i> — ghosts created when a people are killed and decapitated by a train — stick close to the train stations and tracks that robbed them of their mortal form.


Where might you hear tales of <i>strigoi</i>?

<i>Strigoi </i>hail from Romania. They are the ghosts of people who died of suicide or those who lived a miserable life in general.


True or false: <i>Strigoi</i> feast on human blood.

Like the vampire, <i>strigoi</i> thrive on the blood of the living. You can easily spot a <i>strigoi</i> by its distinctive red hair and purple eyes.


How do you keep a family member from becoming a <i>strigoi</i>?

Wanna keep your deceased family member from wandering out of the grave? Tuck a bottle of whiskey in his casket to keep him resting in peace.


What does Japan's "<i>kuchisake-onna</i>" roughly translate to?

Japanese ghost stories tell of the <i>kuchisake-onna</i>, or the slit-mouthed woman.


What does <i>kuchisake-onna</i> wear over her mouth?

The slit-mouthed woman wears a surgical mask to hide her gaping, bloody "smile."


What is the slit-mouthed woman most concerned about?

According to Japanese legend, the ghost asks the living whether they think she is beautiful. If they say "no," she disfigures the victim's face to resemble her own.


What county is home to <i>la Llorona</i>?

Mexican ghost stories often tell of <i>la Llorona</i>, also known as the Wailing Woman.


What happened to<i> la Llorona</i>'s children?

<i>La Llorona</i> killed her children to please her lover, who promptly dumped her, resulting in her suicide.


Other than weeping, how does<i> la Llorona</i> spend her ghostly days?

<i>La Llorona</i> tries to snatch kids to replace the ones she killed. Parents warn their children of the ghost to keep them close to home.


What country is home to the<i> jiang shi </i>spirit?

In China, the <i>jiang shi</i> are the spirits of people who killed themselves or died violent deaths.


What does "<i>jiang shi</i>" roughly translate to?

<i>Jiang shi</i>translates to "stiff corpse," are known for their green skin, traditional Chinese robes and particularly creepy, bouncy walk.


True or false: Scandinavian <i>gjenganger</i> look like normal people.

Forget zombies and vampires, the real horror comes from running across a ghost who resembles the living — like the <i>gjenganger</i> of Scandinavia.


How do <i>gjenganger</i> like to kill humans?

The <i>gjenganger</i> delivers a tiny pinch to the living that carries disease to the human's heart and eventually kills him.


Which of these ghosts can be found on Pemba Island in Tanzania?

The spooky night demons hail from tiny Pemba Island in Tanzania.


What animal can night demons transform into?

Like the traditional vampire, the night demon can transform into a bat, earning it the Swahili nickname "<i>popobawa</i>," or "bat-wing."


Where are you most likely to run across the <i>Hanako-san</i> ghost in Japan?

The story of <i>Hanako-san</i>, a young girl who haunts bathrooms in schools and train stations, is widespread in Japan.


What country's residents fear <i>la Pisadeira</i>?

A woman with yellow nails and red eyes known as <i>la Pisadeira</i> haunts the people of Brazil.


How does <i>la Pisadeira</i> terrorize her victims?

<i>La Pisadeira</i> sits on a victim's chest as he sleeps, paralyzing him — an obvious nod to sleep paralysis.


Where was John Bell terrorized by Kate Batts in the 19th century?

Kate Batts, also known as the Bell Witch, terrorized the Bell family, and many believe that she still haunts the area today.


What does the Japanese <i>Shirime</i> ghost have on its backside?

Not all ghosts are scary; the <i>Shirime</i> ghosts from Japan "spooks" its victims by exposing the eye hidden on its backside.


What animal's spirit haunts Pond Square in Highgate, England?

The Highgate Chicken Ghost dates back to the 17th century, when Sir Francis Bacon experimented with frozen food, including chicken.


What year was Anne Boleyn killed?

Boleyn died in 1536 when her own husband had her beheaded. Ever since, she has been busy haunting major London locales, such as the Tower of London.


What form does Mexico's <i>la Planchada</i> ghost take?

<i>La Planchada</i> haunts Mexican hospitals, where the ghostly nurse dresses in a starched uniform, earning her the nickname "the Ironed Lady."


True or false: Abraham Lincoln's spirit is rumored to linger in the White House.

Killed in an assassination, Lincoln was unable to complete his second term, so some say his ghost remained at the White House to complete the job.


What country gave us the word "poltergeist"?

Poltergeist is a combination of two German words: "<i>polter</i>," meaning "noisy," and "<i>geist</i>," which means "spirit."


What was the traditional form ghosts took in ancient Egypt?

The Egyptian ghost was known as the <i>akh</i>, which traditionally took the form of a bird.


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