Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: German History Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: German History Quiz
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You might say that this country has had its ups and downs in the past few centuries. How much do you know about German history?

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In what year were the Summer Olympics held in Berlin?
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Charles the Great is sometimes called what?
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By population, what was the biggest state in Germany in the 1890s?
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Who was the last German emperor?
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Including civilians, about how many people died during the Thirty Years War?
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What was Otto von Bismarck's nickname?
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Modern Germany is made up of how many constituent states?
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Where did Adolf Hitler attempt his first coup?
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How many states made up the German Confederation in 1815?
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Which country imposed its rule over Germany in 1806?
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In what year did the unification of Germany occur?
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In the 1500s, Martin Luther led reformation against which entity?
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In what year did the Holy Roman Empire give way to a more modern nation-state entity?
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The Battle of Leipzig found Germans and their allies fighting which force?
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The Thirty Years War was a battle between which groups?
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What event caused the end of the German Empire?
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What event contributed greatly to the rise of Nazism in Germany?
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How long did the Weimar Republic last?
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Who built the Berlin Wall?
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For how many years did the Berlin Wall stand?
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How effective was the Berlin Wall in restricting East Germans from escaping the country?
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In what year was the so-called March Revolution?
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During his rise to power, how did Hitler alter the military oath for members of the armed forces?
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In what year did Germany's economy surpass Britain's?
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Following World War II, when was West Germany allowed to begin rearming itself with a military?
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Before starting World War II, which country did Hitler decide was his biggest foe?
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As of 2015, what is Germany's population?
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Which country did the Nazis invade to begin WWII?
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