Quiz: The George R.R. Martin Quiz
The George R.R. Martin Quiz
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You may know a lot about this author's books or the television series his work inspired, but how much do you know about George R.R. Martin? Take this quiz to find out!

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When was author George R.R. Martin born?
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True or false: Martin is the youngest of three siblings.
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What do the initials R.R. stand for in George R.R. Martin's name?
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When did Martin begin writing fiction?
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Which high school did Martin attend?
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From which university did Martin receive a bachelor's degree and master's degree in journalism?
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What year did Martin earn a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University?
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During which war was Martin a conscientious objector?
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During which years did Martin perform his alternative service?
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What type of tournaments did the author Martin direct in the 1970s?
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Which college course did Martin teach in the late 1970s?
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What year was Martin first married?
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What was the title of Martin's first published work?
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How old was Martin when "The Hero" was published?
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True or false: Galaxy Magazine published George R. R. Martin's short story "The Hero."
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Which year was Martin's collection of short stories, "A Song for Lya and Other Stories," published?
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What is the title of Martin's debut novel?
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When was "Dying of the Light" published?
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When did Martin and Gale Burnick divorce?
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For which televised science fiction series was Martin an editor?
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Which CBS television series did Martin work on from 1987-89?
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Martin started on the series "Beauty and the Beast" as an executive story consultant, but what position did he hold when he left the series?
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Martin was the writer and executive producer of which science fiction television movie?
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What is the name of Martin's popular series of fantasy novels?
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When was the first novel of the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" published?
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When were Martin and his current wife, Parris McBride, married?
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Which network airs the popular television series "Game of Thrones"?
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True or false: In 2013, Martin opened a movie theater.
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