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They're entering the workforce in record numbers and will soon begin shaping the course of history. But how well do you know the members of Generation Y? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Gen Y'ers in the workplace and in the world.

More than half of the members of Generation Y have a tattoo.

While they're heavily inked as a generation, only about 40 percent of Gen Y'ers have tattoos. However, about 18 percent of those have six or more.


Generation Y is the least overtly religious generation in history.

Twenty-five percent of Gen Y'ers are unaffiliated with a religion -- yet they say they pray as much as previous generations.


The majority of Gen Y'ers believe immigrants weaken America.

Actually, it is just the opposite -- 58 percent believe immigrants help strengthen the United States.


More Gen Y'ers than people older than 30 are satisfied with the general state of our country.

With Generation Y, 41 percent think things are just fine in the U.S., while only 26 percent of those over 30 feel the same.


At the same age, exactly half of Gen Y'ers are married as in their parents' generation.

Looking at people aged 18 to 28, only 21 percent of Gen Y'ers are married compared to 42 percent of Baby Boomers.


Having a successful career is more important to Gen Y'ers than being a good parent.

Parenting well ranks tops with Gen Y'ers, with 52 percent saying it's the most important thing in life.


At least 80 percent of Gen Y'ers have texted in the last 24 hours.

Of Gen Y'ers, 4 of 5 have texted in the last day. And unfortunately, 64 percent of them have done it while driving.


Most Gen Y'ers get their news from TV.

Generation Y still watches TV, with 65 percent using it as a primary source of finding out what's going on in the world. But it's closely followed by the Internet at 59 percent.


A member of Generation Y is the least likely of all generations to have watched an hour or more of TV in the last 24 hours.

Far more Boomers (78 percent) will have watched an hour or more of TV in the last day than Gen Y'ers (57 percent).


Among the members of Generation Y, more men than women have graduated from college.

According to a 2010 survey, 21 percent of women versus 16 percent of men have tossed their graduation caps into the air.


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