Quiz: The Ultimate Gas vs. Electric Cooking Quiz
The Ultimate Gas vs. Electric Cooking Quiz
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There is an age-old debate about what is more energy efficient for cooking: gas or electricity. Whatever energy source you prefer for cooking, one is bound to cost less. Check out this quiz and decide for yourself.

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According to U.S. Department of Energy estimates, how much energy is used at home for cooking?

Estimates are that about 4.5 percent of energy consumed is for cooking.

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What appliance usually uses the most energy?

Your refrigerator usually uses more energy than any other household appliance.

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How much of our energy consumption is concentrated in the kitchen and laundry room?

Because of heavy duty appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators, about a third of our energy bill is consumed in the kitchen and laundry room.

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Which is more energy efficient, a gas or electric cooker?

The gas cooker provides an immediate, controllable heat and so is regarded as more efficient.

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How many units of fuel are required to create one unit of power?

Coal-burning power plants use three or four units of fuel to create one unit of power.

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What kind of stove is regarded is considered as more efficient?

The induction stove heats faster by magnetically accelerating metal molecules in steel and iron pots.

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How much heat does an induction stove transfer to a pot?

An induction stove transfers about 90 percent of its heat to the pot because of its conformity to the metal of that pot.

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Is there any drawback to considering the purchase of an induction stove?

The price could be a deterrent. Induction stoves cost $700 to $1,300, whereas gas and electric stoves cost about $300.

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What is a simple tip for reducing cooking time?

Covering a pot of water will help it boil in half the time of an uncovered pot.

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What else can affect the cooking time of a particular food?

The size of the pot chosen should be suited to the amount of food being cooked. A large pot used to cook a small amount of food requires more heat than a smaller pot for the same amount of food.

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What is the most energy-efficient cooking appliance?

A microwave uses two-thirds less power than an electric oven.

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If the previous appliance is so energy efficient, why not use it for almost everything?

Microwaving is great for reheating and some cooking, but can't be used for baking or roasting

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What is best for making a small meal?

A toaster oven is great for baking a small item.

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Find a completely flat-bottomed pan that makes full contact with the stove top.

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The shiny surface reflects heat and reduces cooking time.

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