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Before cats ruled the internet, there was Garfield, who started off in the comic section before moving to TV and film. Take our quiz to see how much you know about America's favorite feline!

What is Garfield's favorite food?

Garfield spends his days dreaming of lasagna, which makes sense, given the fact that he was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant.


Who gave Odie to Jon?

Odie ended up with Jon after Odie's owner and Jon's roommate, Lyman, moved out, leaving the dog behind.


What year did the "Garfield" comic premiere?

"Garfield" premiered in a whopping 41 newspapers on June 19, 1978. Today, the strip appears in thousands of papers around the world.


What is Jon's profession in the comic strip?

In the very first comic strip, readers learn that Jon Arbuckle is both cartoonist and cat owner.


What kind of creature is Pooky?

Garfield found his beloved bear in a dresser drawer.


True or false: Garfield is named after President James A. Garfield.

The fat cat is named for Jim Davis' grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, who was named for the former president.


What is the name of Jon's love interest?

Throughout the series, readers get to watch Jon's attempts to win the heart of Liz, who also happens to be Garfield's veterinarian.


When did Davis publish his first book featuring his famous feline?

"Garfield at Large" spent two years on The New York Times best-seller list after its 1980 publication.


True or false: The first Garfield TV special had a Christmas theme.

The first TV special starring Garfield aired in 1982 and was simply called "Here Comes Garfield."


Who is Garfield's love interest in the comic strip?

Garfield has a love-hate relationship with Arlene, whose name is Penelope in the Garfield cartoon series.


Who is the world's cutest kitten?

The long-lashed Nermal is the self-proclaimed world's cutest kitten — much to Garfield's annoyance.


Where would Garfield prefer Nermal to live?

Garfield frequently attempts to get rid of Nermal by mailing the poor creature to Abu Dhabi.


What is the name of Jon's only sibling?

Jon's brother, Doc Boy, is named for Jim Davis' real-life brother.


What is Irma's profession?

Garfield and Jon frequent Irma's Diner throughout the series, where Irma is both owner and the only waitress.


True or false: The "Stuck on You" plush Garfields were made by mistake.

The plush cats were supposed to have fabric fasteners for hands. When they came in with suction cups instead, Davis decided to sell them, and millions of Garfield fans stuck the creatures to their car windows.


What year did Garfield finally get his own TV series?

The tubby feline starred on "Garfield and Friends," which ran from 1988 to 1991.


What show aired alongside the Garfield segments on "Garfield and Friends"?

Each episode featured a story from "U.S. Acres," which starred Orson the pig and the ever-fearful Wade the duck.


What did Garfield's first holiday special focus on?

"Garfield's Halloween Adventure," which first aired Oct. 30, 1985, was the orange kitty's first in a long line of popular holiday specials.


What creatures chase Odie and Garfield in "Garfield's Halloween Adventure"?

On the TV special, Odie saves Garfield after Garfield nearly drowns while being chased by ghost pirates.


What is Garfield's favorite and least favorite show?

Garfield is frequently awoken by the screech of "HEYYYY KIDS!" from TV star Binky the Clown.


Where do Garfield and Jon travel in the 1986 special "Garfield in Paradise"?

The pair takes a trip to Paradise World, where a volcano sacrifice threatens both Jon and Garfield.


Where do Jon and the family spend Christmas in "A Garfield Christmas Special"?

They head to Jon's family farm to spend the holiday with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Doc Boy in the 1987 special.


What does Odie give Garfield in "A Garfield Christmas Special"?

Odie labors over a homemade back-scratcher, which he gives to Garfield for Christmas.


Whom does Jon invite to dinner in "Garfield's Thanksgiving"?

Jon invites Liz over to dinner, while Garfield is suffering on a strict diet in the 1989 holiday special.


Who saves the day on "Garfield's Thanksgiving"?

Grandma saves the day, using a chainsaw to carve the still-frozen turkey, and creates a magical Thanksgiving for Jon and Liz.


Whom does Jon date in "Garfield Gets a Life"?

Jon enjoys a whirlwind romance with Mona in the 1991 TV special, but he breaks things off when he learns that she is allergic to cats.


What year did "The Garfield Show" premiere?

The revamped Garfield cartoon started in France and premiered in the U.S. in 2008.


What is Vito Cappelletti's job in "The Garfield Show"?

Cappelletti owns a pizza joint and spends plenty of time protecting his lasagna and pizza from a certain hungry cat.


Who voiced Garfield in the 2004 film "Garfield: The Movie"?

Bill Murray voiced the famous feline, with Breckin Meyer in the role of Jon.


True or false: Garfield is kidnapped after becoming a celebrity in "Garfield: The Movie."

It's Odie who ends up kidnapped after becoming famous, leading Garfield to take on a rescue mission to save his doggy friend.


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