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Which of the following console games features an online community as part of its gamification of fitness?

"EA Sports Active" is available for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect. Players wear devices that record their movements while they play, and they can upload the results to an online community to share and compare with friends across the Internet.


Games have some key elements that make them fun and interesting and keep people engaged. Which of the following game elements are important when designing a game to use in a classroom?

In her book, "Learning With Digital Games: A Practical Guide to Engaging Students in Higher Education," researcher and author Nicola Whitton states that educational game makers should include all these key elements which make up the game experience: competition, challenge, exploration, fantasy, goals, interactions, outcomes, people, rules and safety.


Which of the following is one of the arguments against gamification?

Some gamification skeptics feel that it's a short-term gimmick with no change of long-term success.


Which of the following entrepreneurs is most associated with gamification today?

Gabe Zichermann is a respected authority on gamification, and his 2010 book "Game-Based Marketing" describes the fundamentals of successful gamification. While Zuckerberg and Jobs have both benefited from gamification, they aren't the ones most associated with the concept. For the Trekkies out there, you may remember that Lewis Zimmerman was the name of the Star Trek character who created the Emergency Medical Hologram system.


In what year did gamification enthusiasts first come together for the Gamification Summit conference?

The first Gamification Summit was held in San Francisco in January 2011. The conference venue sold out, but some people were able to attend over the Internet thanks to live video streaming during the event.


Which game designer is well-known for his or her mission to harness the energy and focus of gamers to help solve real-world problems?

Though Zichermann is well-known in Gamification, game designer Jane McGonigal, research and development director at the Institute for the Future, is working on ways to gamify and solve real world problems. Game designer Richard Garriott is known for creating the Ultima series of games, including the first MMOPRG titled "Ultima Online." Bruckheimer is certainly well known for producing entertaining films, but so far he isn't involved in gamification.


In what field did the mathematical game theory developed from the work of John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern first make a significant impact?

Von Neumann and Morgenstern published "Theory of Games and Economic Behavior" in 1944, spurring a variety of responses from leading economists of the time.


Which of the following game scenarios is commonly used when describing evolutionary game theory?

In the Prisoner's Dilemma, two prisoners that have been isolated from each other are given the same options, and each prisoner's choice will affect the other prisoner in some way, too. The scenario is used to model a situation where someone is forced to choose between a cooperative or competitive response.


What's the name of the neurotransmitter in our brains noted for how it affects how we feel about social situations and fairness when playing a game?

Scientific research has found that high levels of serotonin correlate with feelings of cooperation and fairness while low levels are linked to depression and antisocial behavior.


A Cargnegie Mellon University study concluded that the average person today will spend how many hours playing games before the age of 21?

It's estimated that the average young person today in a country with a strong gaming culture will spend a full 10,000 hours playing games before the age of 21, which is also the number of hours author Malcolm Gladwell claims it takes to gain mastery of a subject.


Suppose you're in school and your teacher decides that your class will play a game. The reward for game winners is an extra 5 points added to their next test grade. Which of these students is least likely to feel a benefit from winning?

Gamification in education can be effective provided that students enjoy the experience and feel a sense of reward for participating or winning. A student who consistently makes perfect test scores might enjoy the game, but the reward of 5 points won't seem like much of a reward.


Who does Gabe Zichermann say is always the beneficiary in gamification?

Zichermann says that in gamification, even though players will feel rewarded, ultimately the old casino adage applies: "The house always wins."


What is one possible disincentive for players using Nike+?

Nike+ is one of Gabe Zichermann's examples of gamification that doesn't work for everyone. Zichermann, who was not physically fit when he first tried Nike+, had no incentive to keep going after his first efforts made no change to his scoreboard.


From the gamification perspective, what's the main shortcoming of the Chase Picks Up the Tab program?

Successful gamification, according to Gabe Zichermann, includes a low barrier to entry. He cites the Chase Picks Up the Tab program as having too high of a barrier to entice new customers to participate.


How are businesses using Foursquare as a means of gamification?

Some business offer instant rewards to customers who check in at their store or restaurant. Users redeem their rewards on the spot by showing their server or cashier the confirmation displayed on their mobile device.


How many total hours have "World of Warcraft" MMORPG players commulatively spent playing the game?

Although "World of Warcraft" has been online a little less than a decade, players have spent over 5.93 million hours worth of time playing. That's about eight lifetimes!


Which of the following are gamifications of fitness?

While each of these takes a different approach to turning fitness into a game, they all offer game-like features to engage people and keep them working toward their fitness and weight loss goals.


What term describes "the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems"?

This is the definition of gamification from entrepreneur, author and gamification expert Gabe Zichermann


What's an S&H Green Stamp?

S&H Green Stamps is one of the oldest customer rewards programs in the U.S., helping participating businesses to gain more customers long before they could connect by computer networks.


Some gamification skeptics claim that it's just a rebranding of what concept?

Skeptics describe gamification as a way of enticing audiences to participate in something they wouldn't have participated in otherwise. They use the words manipulation and coercion to describe this marketing approach.


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