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Who's alive? Who's dead? Who's technically alive but was at one time dead and should be dead for all intents and purposes but is still alive? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the various twists and turns in the Iron Throne's season six story.

Who escapes from Winterfell in the season six premiere?

Sansa and Theon esacpe from evil Ramsay's clutches.


Who saves Sansa and Theon just as Ramsay's men catch up with them?

Brienne to the rescue!


Melisandre takes off all her clothes (shocker) and transforms into …

Gah! But seriously, it kind of makes sense. She's been around the block.


Who murders King Balon Greyjoy?

Euron Greyjoy is Balon's brother.


Who or what does Tryrion release from their bonds?

Go, dragons, go!


Is Jon Snow dead?

Melisandre resurrects the bastard!


When Jon Snow comes back to life, what does he do to the people who killed him?

Jon Snow draws the line at people actually killing him.


What does Arya get back after training with the Waif?

She gets her eyesight back. Thanks, Jaqen, I guess?


Who is brought to Ramsay Bolton?

Rickon is brought there. If there's one place you don't want to be brought, it's to Ramsay Bolton's place.


Who has imprisoned Margaery?

The High Sparrow imprisoned her. Although Tommen is technically in charge, we know who's running the show.


Theon agrees that who should rule the Iron Islands?

Theon supports Yara's claim to the throne.


Who shows the Dothraki who's boss?

Daenerys sets the Dosh Khaleen on fire and takes power over the Dothrakis.


Sansa refuses an army of help from whom?

Sansa doesn't trust Baelish.


Bran finds trouble by doing what?

You can't just wander around visions alone, Bran.


The Night King finds Bran, and Bran narrowly escapes but not before who is killed?

Hodor is killed. He held that door, though.


What does Sam take with him to the Citadel?

Gilly and the baby were going to stay with his family, but his father was mean to Gilly.


After Arya warns her assassination target, Jaqen does what?

Watch out for that Waif.


Maergery says she …

She says she repents. Hmm, seems suspicious.


To take back Winterfell, Jon and Sansa recruit …

The Wildlings are kind of into Jon Snow, dead or alive.


Jaime and Bronn go to Riverrun, where who is in charge?

Confusingly, the Blackfish (Brynden Tully) managed to take Rivverrun, even though he's technically Walder Frey's hostage.


Who turns out NOT to have died by Brienne's hand?

Sandor Clegane lives!


Who or what attacks Meereen in Daenerys' absence?

The slave-owning cities attack Meereen. But don't you worry — the Mother of Dragons enters in the nick of time.


Brienne arrives at Riverrun to …

Sansa was hoping that he would help out some family in the North.


Arya kills who after being seriously wounded?

Good riddance, you mean Waif.


Daenerys does what to the slavers?

She burns their fleet but leaves one master to tell everyone of her crazy power.


Jon and Sansa are victorious after who sweeps in to save them?

The knights of the Vale come to the rescue.


Who is killed in the Battle of the Bastards and its aftermath?

Ramsay kills Rickon, and Sansa gets her revenge on Ramsay by releasing his own hounds on him.


How does Cersei solve the pesky problem of her trial?

The High Sparrow, Margaery and a whole bunch of nobles and members of the Faith are killed.


Tommen responds by doing what?

Poor Tommen, did he ever have a chance?


Who is on the way to Westeros at the end of season six?

Don't forget the dragons, too.


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