Quiz: The Ultimate Furnace Maintenance Quiz
The Ultimate Furnace Maintenance Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Furnaces need proper maintenance to operate efficiently. Knowing how to maintain your furnace will help you preserve your equipment and save money in running costs. Take this quiz to see how hot your furnace maintenance knowledge is.

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If your furnace turns on and off repeatedly, what mechanism may be faulty?
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If your furnace does not turn on, what should you do first?
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What may indicate a problem with the furnace's electrical system?
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What should you do if you smell gas inside your home?
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How often should you service your furnace?
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When is the best time for a quick service call at a possible discounted rate?
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What else should you have checked when you service your furnace?
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What is the nemesis of heating and cooling systems?
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What is most important maintenance step of furnace maintenance?
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What effect does dirt have on a furnace?
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The three parts of a furnace are the filter system, blower and:
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Which direction should the arrow printed on the filter point?
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What is sprayed on a permanent filter?
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If your furnace blower motor does not have oil ports, how often should you lubricate?
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What should you do if furnace belts are worn or frayed?
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To replace a furnace belt, what tool will you need?
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If required, how often should you lubricate your furnace?
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How much oil should you use when lubricating your furnace?
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