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Is your pantry full of food you'll never eat? If you answered yes, then you're not a very frugal shopper. There are staples that every pantry needs, but it doesn't do any good if you don't use them. You also don't have to buy the most expensive items to fill your shelves. Take this quiz to see if you've what it takes to stock your pantry on a budget.

Which frugal pantry staple is known for its amazing antioxidants?

Beans are full of fiber and brown rice is rich in minerals, but it's tomatoes that are chock full of disease-fighting antioxidants.


Which of these foods does not contain lycopene?

Bananas are great sources of potassium, but lycopene gives fruit its red color, so it's usually only found in fruits with a red tint.


True or False: Tomatoes are considered a vegetable, rather than a fruit.

Although tomatoes have nutrients that are found in both fruits and vegetables, they're technically classified as a fruit.


Which of these whole grains has the highest fiber content?

Barley is 17 percent fiber, while brown rice contains a measly 4 percent. Whole wheat falls right in the middle at 12 percent.


Which of these dried beans needs to be soaked before cooking?

Black beans need to be rehydrated by soaking them to shorten the cooking time, but lentils and split peas have softer shells and can go right on the stove.


Which type of lentil is the best for soup?

While all three types of lentils can go in many different foods, brown is the best for soup because of its mushy cooked consistency.


Which of these weeds are an edible legume?

While chickweed and dandelions are also edible plants, a clover falls into the legume category because it sprouts from a bean.


Which of these frugal pantry staples are gluten-free?

While you can buy gluten-free versions of linguine and spaghetti, Asian rice noodles always gluten-free.


Which of these are considered to be "immature" legumes?

White beans and black beans are both mature legumes, but green beans are harvested before they have a chance to mature on the plant.


What kind of beans are generally found in a typical beans and toast breakfast?

This English breakfast staple uses navy beans, better known as baked beans in the United States.


Which of these grains are usually not gluten-free?

Oats by themselves actually are free of gluten, but most of the time they're contaminated with wheat during growing or processing.


Which Ivy League college was founded by a man who made his fortune in spices?

Elihu Yale was born in Boston and worked for the British East India Company, which had the monopoly on trade with India. They had all the good spices.


Which spice is known as the most expensive in the world?

It takes up to 250,000 saffron flowers to make a pound of the spice, because there are only three strands per flower. Pure vanilla is the second most expensive spice and cardamom is the third.


What year did peanut butter first arrive on the scene?

A physician created a paste made of peanuts for patients without teeth so they could get some protein in their bodies.


What percentage of the world's peanut yield is grown in the United States?

Even though the U.S. only has about 3 percent of the world's acreage of peanut crops, it accounts for 10 percent of what's sold because of higher yields per acre.


Where did the oats crop originate?

Oats as we know them today came from the wild red oat, which was first found in Asia.


What household use should white vinegar not be used for?

White vinegar is an excellent household cleaner with many uses, but it may change the color of wood.


What food is the basis for vinegar?

Vinegar can be made from the sugar of any fruit, and pretty much anything else that contains sugar.


True or False: Pregnant women are not advised to eat tuna.

Tuna tends to be high in mercury which can be harmful to a developing fetus.


What is the most popular seafood product in the U.S.?

Shrimp is the most popular, with canned tuna landing in a close second.


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