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It can be difficult to save money on décor when you want to provide the best home environment for your family and guests. But this quiz may open your eyes to some new ways you can make your home inviting while minimizing your expenses.

Decluttering is cheap, and is also key to revitalizing your home. How much paperwork would you say you're holding onto for no real use?

An average of 80 percent of paperwork filed is never referenced again. Think of how many things you can throw out now that you know this!


It stands to reason that the more clutter and paperwork in your home, the more time you'll waste looking for what you need. How much time do Americans collectively spend each day on misplaced articles and information?

According to the American Demographic Society, Americans as a group waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles.


What's true of the home is also true of the office. How much time does the average executive waste looking through clutter for misplaced documents?

Office World News reports that the average executive wastes 150 hours per year looking for misplaced documents.


Clutter adds an amazing amount of effort to daily and yearly housework. How much time do you think the average home saves by getting rid of excess clutter?

Getting rid of excess clutter eliminates almost half of the housework in an average home -- a full 40 percent.


Often, we blame our clutter on lack of space, but how much of our clutter do experts attribute to lack of organization?

80 percent of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.


Many of the spaces we use the most in our homes could be redesigned and redecorated for better purpose. For example, how many teens do you think report having family dinner less than three times a week?

According to the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, approximately 40 percent of teens reported infrequent (fewer than three) family meals each week. If your dining room is only used for family meals, you might not be using it to best advantage.


What's the best accessory to include in a bedroom design if you spend very few of your waking hours in that room?

Nothing! While it's tempting to fill every available space in your home, reconsider that impulse. If you're not going to use a piece of furniture, there's no compelling reason to have it. You'll save money and maintain elegant simplicity.


Even in a recession, redecorating can be fun and easy. What percentage of American families would you guess haven't changed or updated their home décor in the last five years?

HomeGoods recently reported that 47 percent of Americans haven't redecorated in the last five years.


Following on the information in the previous question, how many homes in America haven't been redecorated in more than 10 years?

HomeGoods recently conducted a survey that said 9 percent of American homes haven't been redecorated in more than 10 years.


When designing a den or entertainment space, where should surround-sound speakers be placed?

The proper placement of TV speakers is half the distance between right and left than the distance between screen and viewer.


For a room with a low ceiling, vertical stripes will create the illusion of:

Vertical stripes help a room look taller, but can minimize the feeling of usable space.


How much time does the average kitchen remodel require, from idea to complete execution?

Many kitchen remodels take as long as six years, but the average duration (from initial concept to completion) is roughly two years.


When do most people remodel their kitchens?

Most kitchen remodels are generally done by "empty nesters" (36 percent) and those with teenage and young adult children still in the household (43 percent).


What's the most frequent reason homeowners leave a home improvement store without making a purchase?

In the initial phase of shopping during a home makeover, more than 60 percent of homeowners said a store representative, not product availability, caused them to go elsewhere.


Home fixture manufacturers track acquisition rate, or how likely it is that when you go searching for a given brand you end up purchasing that brand. What's the highest acquisition rate, generally speaking?

CNW research shows that one well-known national faucet maker has the highest acquisition rate at only 28 percent -- meaning that 72 percent of the people with that brand on their wish list eventually went with something else.


The TV can mark a place for togetherness, or a place to get some alone time, depending on your home design. How many televisions does the average home hold?

Approximately 99 percent of households have at least one TV, with an average of 2.24 TVs in every household.


Put a TV in the dining room or kitchen, and you've created a TV-watching environment. How many families in the U.S. regularly watch TV while eating dinner?

A full 66 percent of Americans regularly watch television over dinner.


In 2008, a Sesame Street survey reported on the reading habits of children ages 5 to 9. How many of those kids spent at least one hour per day reading good old-fashioned books? (Hint: It reflects well on their home environment.)

Out of the sample set, 90 percent of kids 5 to 9 reported spending at least an hour every day reading physical texts.


How much money can you save on labor by painting your house yourself?

Labor is the biggest expense (up to 85 percent) of painting a house. That's $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the contractor.


True or false: Some interior decorators work for free, earning their fee from a percentage of your purchases.

Some decorators work free to home owners, but on commission from merchants, and will steer you to higher-priced products. Others charge a fixed fee, but hourly rates can range from $35 to $500, depending on location, reputation and materials. You can also hire a decorator for a short amount of time for consultation.


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