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Make the most of airline travel by accumulating and using frequent flyer points. Decide what benefits are important for you and look for a program that is a good fit. Take this quiz to learn more about the best frequent flyer programs.

What perks may be "paid for" using frequent flyer miles?

Miles can be used for flights, executive privileges, rental cars and hotel rooms.


How may you get more bang for your buck with frequent flyer miles?

Rather than signing up and using many programs, you will get more benefits if you use just one program.


When did airlines start offering frequent flyer programs?

Airlines began tempting frequent flyers with perks in the 1980s.


What was the financial expectation for frequent flyer programs at their inception?

The expectation was that these programs would be financial loss leaders.


What was the financial reality of frequent flyer programs after the first few years?

The programs were starting to make a profit, much to everyone's surprise.


How did frequent flyer programs expand during the 1980s?

Frequent flyer programs expanded with partner companies, such as hotels and car rental agencies.


What happened to airline profits after the September 11 terrorist attacks?

Airline profits dived and many consumers were afraid their frequent flyer accounts would go under.


How can you make sure your accumulated miles won't expire?

Use your frequent flyer account to make sure your miles won't expire.


How can you earn frequent flyer points without flying?

To earn points without flying, link your frequent flyer account to a credit card.


What size program will give you greater opportunities to earn frequent flyer points?

The larger the program, the more opportunities for points.


Which is considered to be a large carrier?

American Airlines is considered to be a large carrier, and its frequent flyer program offers lots of choices.


With the SkyMiles frequent flyer program, what is a point redemption option?

SkyMiles offers the opportunity to redeem points for gift cards and upgrades.


How can you attain elite status?

The usual threshold for elite status is to accrue 25,000 miles, but check with your program.


What is an automatic upgrade for members of the Delta SkyMiles elite status?

With elite status, passengers are automatically upgraded to first class when availability permits.


How can a passenger get access to an exclusive airport lounge?

Membership to some elite frequent flyer programs will grant you access to the lounge, or you may purchase a yearly pass.


Where can you get information about your frequent flyer program?

The Internet is an excellent source for information about frequent flyer programs or call your program's toll-free number for information.


Where can you get information about credit cards linked to frequent flyer programs?

For information, call or go to the Web site of the frequent flyer program you want to link with a credit card.


How can I use points to fly with an airline other than the issuing airline?

Some airlines have agreements to honor the points from a list of other companies.


When should you fly with an airline other than your preferred carrier?

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to fly with your preferred carrier. Consider flight schedules when making your decision and don't fly extra time just to collect points from your favorite program.


What is a road warrior?

A road warrior is a person who is always traveling.


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