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French door fridges are the hot new thing in kitchen appliances, but can you tell what sets them apart? Chill out for a minute and take this quiz to see what you know about this fancy new refrigerator model.

Where's the freezer located on a French door refrigerator?

One of the really cool things about French door fridges is that the freezer is a drawer on the bottom. It puts the items you use least often out of the way, leaving the fridge at a usable height.


Why do they call it a "French door" refrigerator?

A "French door" is a door setup with two doors that meet in the middle, allowing you to swing them open (and make a grand entrance!) French door fridges get their name because the main doors swing toward you just like French doors.


True or False: Because the freezer is on the bottom, French door fridges can't have an ice maker in the door.

Many models of French door refrigerators come with ice makers in the door. Many have one ice maker in the door and another in the freezer compartment.


How do French door fridges help you save energy?

It's nothing high-tech, it's simple logic. If you're only opening a small part of the fridge, you're not losing as much cold air, which saves energy.


True or False: There is currently only one company that manufactures the French door style refrigerator.

Many appliance makers offer French door refrigerators.


How many doors are on the refrigerator portion of a French door fridge?

French door fridges have two side-by-side doors, but you still have access to the whole fridge so you can store big items.


What does the French door refrigerator have in common with the side-by-side refrigerator?

Pretty much the only things these two models have in common is that they have two tall, narrow doors and that they keep food cold. In a side-by-side model the freezer is on one side while the fridge is on the other.


Some models of French door refrigerators have a middle drawer, between the freezer and the fridge, that allows you to do what?

Some models come with an extra drawer for which you can choose the temperature. Need more freezer space? You've got it. Need more fridge space? It does that, too.


True or False: The doors on a French door refrigerator are lighter than the the full-width door on a top freezer model.

One of the great things about this model is that since it has smaller doors than the top freezer models, the doors themselves are lighter.


How does a French door fridge give you more space in your kitchen?

The French door fridge saves walking space in front with its narrow doors.


What's one big advantage of a French door refrigerator over a side-by-side model?

The big advantage is the ability to use the full width of the fridge, rather than trying to cram things into a tall, narrow space.


True or False: French door fridges are currently only designed for use in commercial kitchens.

This one's a big "false." Though you can buy commercial versions of this model, there are plenty designed for the home kitchen.


Why does a French door refrigerator make you bend over less than some other models?

Relegating less frequently used items to the bottom while keeping frequently used items at the top -- and at hand -- means less bending over to reach your chilled food (especially items in the crisper).


How much do most home kitchen French door refrigerators cost?

When they first hit the market the price was around $3,000, but the average price has since dropped to between $1,400 and $2,000. There are less expensive fridges out there but they don't have all the features of a French door fridge.


True or False: French door refrigerators are, on average, wider than the traditional top freezer models

Most French door fridges are extra large, meaning their dimensions are slightly bigger than other styles. Most are similar in size to side-by-side models, but you'll find them to be a bit wider than top freezer models.


How do you access the freezer on a French door unit?

While most French door units have a drawer for the freezer, a small minority still use a swinging door. Those aren't generally as popular, since they require bending down to see what's inside.


True or False: You can only buy a French door refrigerator with a stainless steel finish.

Don't let the industrial design fool you, this type of fridge comes in lots of different colors and finishes if stainless steel doesn't go with your color scheme.


Can you rearrange the shelving in a French door refrigerator?

Almost all refrigerators today come with adjustable shelving so you can arrange the inside to suit your needs.


If you opened the freezer on a French door refrigerator, what are you likely to see?

Since the freezer is a giant drawer, most models have a bunch of sliding, adjustable baskets and bins to make storage and retrieval of frozen food easier.


True or False: All French door refrigerator models will extend beyond the depth of the average countertop.

While some models are deeper than the average countertop, you can buy models that will be flush with your cabinetry.


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