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Installed properly, frame sliders can protect your engine and the frame of your bike itself, whether in a drop or a sliding accident. Let's see how much you really know about how frame sliders and case covers work!

Sliders can damage the engine or fairings, which are covered by insurance anyway. You're better off worrying about your own safety than worrying about cheap safety measures that may end up costing you more in damages.

While damage to engine components may be covered by insurance, frame sliders are intended to protect the frame from what could be permanent damage, or even a total loss.


Frame sliders are a cheap alternative to crash cages and similar built-in accessories that protect both bike and rider.

Frame sliders are small enough to protect the engine block and fairing, depending on design, but are not intended to protect the rider. Always wear proper equipment.


You're more likely to be thrown free of your bike in a high-side accident, because you'll go over the handlebars.

It's important to stay loose in a crash, because you're likely to be thrown free either way. In a high-side collision or accident, you're also less likely to get hit by a sliding, sparking bike.


Case covers are most important on a sport-riding track because of the danger of oil or gas spills.

Making sure your engine is protected is a good idea -- if you're out cruising when you take a spill, you're going to need a ride home -- but properly installed and durable case covers are necessary in track races or group rides to make sure nobody else slips in your oil or gas spill.


Higher-priced frame slider systems are a better deal, because puck quality has a great impact on what happens during a crash. Don't skimp on slider pucks any more than you would your personal safety equipment.

Simple nylon pucks or brittle bolts are the cause of a lot of slider-related damage, but price is less of a concern than your bike's particular needs. After all, if something does happen, you're going to need to replace the puck more often than anything else.


For most frame slider systems, it's necessary to pay for custom installation. After all, you're paying for safety measures -- and one wrong move with a drill could ruin your custom finish!

Because frame sliders are usually after-market and easy to attach, even drilling through your fairing shouldn't be that harrowing, as long as you follow directions and make sure you understand what you're doing.


The most important parts of the engine are already protected in the engine block.

Motorcycles are designed for speed, looks and efficiency -- there's not a lot of wiggle room or spare space inside that engine block. Protecting your engine also means protecting your radiator and coolant reservoirs, as well as brake systems and electric systems.


Case covers are inexpensive for a reason: They're easily damaged and mostly for chrome looks and cosmetic effect.

While cast aluminum stock covers can crack in a crash, resulting in oil spills on a track, truly durable engine covers protect the engine in a variety of different collision scenarios and can save you from dangerous accidents or further engine damage.


Since frame sliders are of minimal importance to everyday operation of the machine, it's important they be as subtle and minimal as possible in appearance. You don't want to get your jeans caught on a peg in the middle of a ride.

As long as you know the material of your slider pucks won't immediately degrade in the event of a sliding accident, all that matters is that they make the point of first contact with the road itself.


Case covers are meant to minimize the likelihood of explosions from leaked engine fluids.

While any gas-powered machine is open to fire and explosions, the purpose of case covers is to keep oil and gas from leaking into the paths of other riders, which is why they're essential for a sport or track bike.


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