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From members of the feline family to reptiles such as crocodiles to pack animals like wolves, the world is filled with plenty of four-legged creatures, all performing different jobs within the environment. Some of these creatures are predators, while others serve as food. Some four-legged animals are used by humans for work, as others become companions at home. Sadly, we humans can do little but marvel at their role in the world. 

There is something about them, after all, that humans should be jealous of. Their four legs provide them with certain skills, like leaping may feet into the air and endurance for running, that humans just can't match. It's one of the reasons that watching a National Geographic documentary is so compelling. We just don't have the capabilities that many of these animals have. 

How well do you know four-legged creatures all across the world? Can you tell them from one another based on a simple image? Do you think you can pick out different breeds of horses or identify which type of lizard you see crawling around? Here's a quiz for you to find out just that. 

If you've watched enough Animal Planet and are ready to pick out the species of these four-legged creatures, jump into this quiz and see if you can get a perfect score! 

What is this four-legged creature that you don't want running around your house?

Constantly hunted for food, mice rarely live longer than six months in the wild. However, mice that are used for science experiments, which is quite common, can live close to two years.


What's the name of this animal that you might find on a farm?

Pigs have become synonymous with rolling in the mud, an act they perform to cool off. However, despite their love of the dirt, pigs are actually quite clean. If they are left in clean conditions, they will actually avoid the mud.


Can you identify this animal whose four legs are often hidden in its shell?

Turtles are reptiles that have been around for millions of years. Some turtles will lay eggs then abandon them, leaving the young to fend for themselves once they hatch. Sadly, most of those hatchlings do not survive long.


Can you identify this large, four-legged mammal?

Recognized by their long tusks and floppy ears, there is no larger land animal than the elephant. These massive creatures can grow up 13 feet high and weigh as much as 14,000 pounds.


You might find this four-legged creature helpful in the desert​. What is it?

Having developed in the desert, camels are specifically designed to combat the harsh conditions you'll find there. One such characteristic that helps them is that they have three eyelids which keep​ sand out.


With four strong legs for racing, what breed of horse is this?

Thoroughbreds are native to England, where they were developed beginning in the 17th century. This breed of horse is a cross between a mare and a stallion with a combination of power, speed, and agility.


What do you call this four-legged creature?

Living as solitary animals, grizzly bears prefer to be left alone if possible. However, large quantities of these animals do gather along Alaskan fishing spots to feast together during the ​salmon season.


Do you recognize this large feline?

Weighing as much as 600 pounds, you will not find a bigger cat out there than the tiger. In fact, when it comes to size, tigers are the third-largest carnivore that lives on dry land.


What's the name of this four-legged creature known for hanging out in packs?

Wolves are excellent at communicating with one another, using several different sounds to mean different things. These sounds are particularly helpful on hunts where wolves separate and surround their prey.


This four-legged reptile is called what?

Iguanas are cold-blooded creatures, which means they like to hang out in warm places to keep their body temperature up. For people who keep them as pets, heat lamps are often required for iguanas to stay warm.


Known for its love of bamboo, do you know the name of this animal?

Panda bears are found throughout the mountains of central China where bamboo is abundant. These animals will spend up to 12 hours a day stuffing their stomachs, mainly with the bamboo.


This four-legged animal is a popular hunt in North America. Do you know its name?

Male deer are recognized by the large pair of antlers that grow out of their heads. These deer will shed their antlers once a year just to grow them back. The antlers can grow around 200 inches in only 120 days.


What do you call this four-legged creature that you might find digging through your garbage?

Raccoons are extremely adaptable animals that can be found anywhere from forests to prairies to cities. They have a very wide diet, including frogs, mice, nuts, and berries.


What's the name of this animal that uses its four legs to outrun all other land mammals?

Reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour, you won't find a faster land mammal than the cheetah. These quick creatures can hit that top speed in as little as three seconds, which is pretty scary for prey.


You'll need a wheel to keep this four-legged animal active. Can you name it?

Though they are common house pets where they are kept in cages, hamsters can also live in burrows in the wild. These burrow lovers are nocturnal animals, as well, meaning they hunt at night.


Sporting four long legs to match its long neck, can you recall the name of this animal?

With legs that run about six feet in length, you won't find a mammal on earth taller than a giraffe. These animals will commonly use their length to pick food out of the highest branches of trees.


Can you identify this semi-aquatic mammal?

With a name derived from the ancient Greek word for "river horse," hippopotamuses are extremely aggressive animals. When confronted by a predator, they will use their large teeth to scare them off.


A mammal native to Africa, what do you call this creature?

Each year, millions of wildebeest travel hundreds of miles across Africa in what is known as the Great Migration. They are joined by thousands of zebras and gazelles​ on this journey.


Do you recognize this four-legged marsupial?

Opossums tend to mate twice a year, with the male leaving as soon as the mating is finished. The babies are born in about 12 days, then they are raised in their mother's pouch until they are fully developed.


Can you name this four-legged animal known for producing wool?

If you run across a sheep in the wild, they tend to be a larger size than their domesticated counterparts. Aside from their size, they grow much longer horns that are used for defense.


What is this insect-consuming mammal?

The official state animal of Texas, armadillos are covered in overlapping plates that resemble armor. These protective plates, which are made of dermal bone, cover their entire bodies from head to tail.


A popular house pet, do you know this animal?

An adult dog has nearly the same brain capacity as a two-year-old toddler. If trained correctly, they can memorize around 250 words and commands. Some of the most common commands are sit and shake.


What do you call this four-legged king of the safari?

Led by a dominant male, lions tend to live in a pride where they prefer to hunt in packs. Prides consist of lesser dominant males, females, and their offspring. Often, the dominant male will kill off the offspring of other males.


This domesticated animal goes by what name?

Traditionally, donkeys were used as labor animals, capable of hauling much more than a human. They were commonly used on farms where they plowed the land. They could be quite stubborn, however, if an owner didn't know how to handle them.


A well-known scavenger in Africa, what's this animal's name?

Three hyenas appear as villains in the movie "The Lion King," where they work under the antagonist, Scar. Their names are Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed, and they are depicted as being quite clumsy and unintelligent. This is not the case for hyenas in real life.


You don't want to run your hand across this animal's coat. Do you know its name?

Found all across the world, porcupines live between five and seven years in the wild. Their main form of defense is​ their quills, which easily detach and regrow. Despite the common misconception, quills cannot​ be shot at a predator.


A lover of carrots, what's the name of this little creature?

Rabbits have different names based on their gender and age. For example, a male rabbit is called a buck, and a female rabbit is referred to as a doe. A baby rabbit, for both sexes, is called a kit.


Recognized by their pointed ears, can you name this four-legged animal?

Part of the Canidae family, foxes differ from their relatives in that they are not pack animals. Instead, foxes prefer to live solitary lives, except when they are raising their young.


Can you identify this animal that looks cuddlier than it actually is?

Polar bears are found throughout the Arctic, where weather conditions are freezing. Luckily, polar bears have a thick layer of blubber and fur to protect them from the harsh conditions.


This four-legged animal is often hunted illegally. Do you recognize it?

Rhinos possess horns that are highly sought after on the black market. For that reason, these animals have been hunted to near extinction, but conservation efforts have ramped up significantly to protect them.


These South American native animals are called what?

Found throughout the Andes Mountains in South America, llamas are close relatives to the camel. These animals have been domesticated by people in the Andes and are commonly used for transporting supplies.


Do you recognize this massive, four-legged mammal?

You won't find a bigger member of the deer family than the moose. These creatures tower to around seven feet at the shoulders and can weight up to 1,500 pounds. They also have massive antlers that, similar to deer, will fall off each year.


Can you identify this North American native?

Found throughout the mountains and forests of North America, coyotes are extremely smart animals with heightened senses. They are also quite territorial and use their urine to mark out their territory.


Known for building dams, what's the name of this animal?

Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents with webbed feet and covered in thick fur. They also have long teeth capable of chewing through wood, which they use to build their homes along rivers.


Do you know the identity of this large cat?

When it comes to felines, jaguars fall only behind the lion and the tiger in terms of size. They can be found throughout North and South America where they feed on everything from deer to crocodiles.


This four-legged creature almost went extinct. Can you name it?

Bison once lived in vast abundance all across North America, where they were commonly hunted by Native Americans. During the 19th century, they were hunted to the point of near extinction, but luckily, their numbers have rebounded since then.


This four-legged member of the genus Canis is called what?

Jackals are found primarily in Africa, where they can be found in three different species. These species include the black-backed jackal, the common jackal, and side-striped​ jackal.


You don't want to go swimming with this four-legged reptile. Do you know what it is?

Alligators are often confused with crocodiles, which is a close relative. However, alligators have rounded, U-shaped snouts, where crocodiles have much more narrow, V-shaped snots.


What is this male cattle called?

Bull-riding is an adventurous but very dangerous sport that hundreds of people engage in yearly. Injuries are quite common as bulls are judged by how fast they can buck off a rider.


Do you know what four-legged frog this is?

Reaching up to eight inches in length, female bullfrogs are usually larger than their male counterparts. Both sexes are excellent swimmers with long back legs and wide webbed feet.


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