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Your mental image of the Founding Fathers probably involves a bunch of guys in powdered wigs signing documents with a quill. But the creators of the U.S. Constitution did a lot more than stand around and sign stuff.

According to historian Richard B. Morris, how many official Founding Fathers were there?

Morris said in 1973 that there were seven men most deserving of the "Founding Father" title.


How many of those seven Founding Fathers became presidents?

The first four presidents were Founding Fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.


This man is NOT on Morris' Founding Father list.

Paul Revere was a major player in the American Revolution, but he wasn't involved in any government activity.


Which Founding Father became the first chief justice of the United States?

After a stint as the president of the Second Continental Congress, John Jay was named the first chief justice then served as the governor of New York.


Which Founding Father is generally credited with being the brains behind the Constitution?

James Madison is known as the father of the Constitution. At the start of the Constitutional Convention, he drafted the Virginia Plan, which set up the three branches of government and representation according to population.


Who was the last Founding Father to die?

James Madison was the last Founding Father standing when he died in 1836 at age 85.


How many of these seven Founding Fathers were killed in duels?

Two "minor" Founding Fathers, Button Gwinnett and Richard Dobbs Spaight, died in duels, but Alexander Hamilton was the only one of the seven major founders who met his demise that way.


How many of the seven Founding Fathers have been depicted on coins and bills?

Benjamin Franklin is on the $100 bill, George Washington on the $1 bill, Thomas Jefferson on the $2 bill and the nickel, Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill and James Madison on the $5,000 bill.


Which Founding Father got into politics because he was too small to fight in the Revolutionary War?

James Madison, the fourth president, stood only 5 foot 4 inches (163 centimeters) and weighed around 100 pounds (45 kilograms).


Who was the president of the First Continental Congress?

Peyton Randolph of Virginia was the president of the First and Second Continental Congresses. He died in 1775.


Who replaced Randolph as president of the Second Continental Congress in 1775?

John Hancock got all the glory as the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.


And who got Randolph's place in the Virginia delegation when he died?

Thomas Jefferson became the second-youngest delegate when he took Randolph's seat.


In June 1776, the Continental Congress appointed the "Committee of Five" to write the Declaration of Independence. This guy was NOT on the committee.

Washington was otherwise occupied with commanding the Continental Army when the declaration was being written.


Most of the committee thought this member should write the declaration.

The committee assumed that John Adams would write the declaration, but Adams insisted that the job go to Jefferson.


Who was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence?

Edward Rutledge of South Carolina was the youngest, at age 26.


Who was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence?

Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old when he signed.


Which Founding Fathers collaborated on the Federalist Papers?

The Federalist Papers were the brainchild of Alexander Hamilton, with John Jay and James Madison contributing essays.


The Federalist Papers made arguments in favor of …

The collection of 85 essays in favor of the Constitution appeared in New York newspapers over 10 months in 1787 and 1788.


Under which pseudonym did the three men write the articles and essays in the Federalist Papers?

After a number of anti-Constitution essays were published by "Cato" and "Brutus," they decided to use the name "Publius," for an ancient Roman consul.


When the delegates convened in Philadelphia in May 1787, what was their purpose?

The stated purpose of the convention was to edit the Articles of Confederation, but an all-new Constitution was written instead.


Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention?

George Washington was coerced out of retirement to attend the convention and ended up being named the president.


Which delegate didn't show up at the Constitutional Convention, claiming he "smelled a rat"?

The rat Patrick Henry smelled was "tending toward the monarchy."


Which state DIDN'T show up at the Constitutional Convention?

The Rhode Island delegates feared that the Constitution would set up an all-powerful central government.


Who is given credit for writing the "we the people" preamble of the Constitution?

Robert Morris of Pennsylvania was on the committee of style that fine-tuned the document.


Which delegate at the Constitutional Convention was deserted by the rest of his state's delegates?

The other two New York delegates opposed the proceedings, so they went home, leaving Alexander Hamilton as the only one to sign from that state.


Of the original 74 Constitutional Convention delegates, how many actually signed the Constitution?

Nineteen of the delegates never showed up; 13 left early; and three refused to sign, leaving 39 signatures on the Constitution.


How many Constitution signers had also signed the Declaration of Independence?

Eight of the 39 signers were also Declaration of Independence signers.


Who was the only delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Continental Association?

Roger Sherman of Connecticut is the only man to have signed all four American "great state papers."


Who was the only one to sign all of them, minus the Continental Association?

Robert Morris of Pennsylvania signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.


Which New Hampshire delegate shares a name with a famous TV president?

Josiah Bartlett (not to be confused with Josiah Bartlet of "The West Wing") was the first New Hampshire delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence.


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