Form a Celebrity Squad and We’ll Guess Your Greatest Trait!

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Let's face it. We've all dreamed of what it would be like to have a celebrity as a best friend. We've thought of the things we would do, the things we would talk about and many other factors. But one thing we usually tend to forget is that celebrities are just like us! It would probably be just like having the normal best friend we have right now, they just have an incredibly cool job. Either way, it would likely be a great experience.

Now is your chance to build that perfect celebrity squad that you've always dreamed of. Who you choose to surround yourself with is something that can also reveal so much about yourself. Do you like to surround yourself with funny people? Then you might have a love for all of the fun things in life. In contrast, if you surround yourself with people who might be very low-key, you're probably quite humble yourself. 

If you've ever wondered what the best thing about you is, then you've come to the right place. Take the quiz and tell us who your celebrity besties would be, and then let us do the rest. You might just find out something about yourself that you never knew!

It's time to have some fun at a party. Which celebrity will you dance the night away with?

When getting into an argument, which celebrity would you want to have behind you?

Each of these celebrities are highly involved with charities. Who would you want in your friend group?

Can you choose just one of these daredevils to join you and your friends?

Of the following celebrities, which one do you think would make the greatest friend?

When you need fashion advice, it's likely that you turn to your friends. Which famous designer has a place in your group?

You've found yourself a map of buried treasure. Which celebrity would you want to help you find it?

Which "mom" would also be the "mom" of your friend group?

When traveling to a different country, which celebrity would you want to tag along with you?

Can you pick one of the following celebrities for your friend group that you wouldn't mind telling all of your secrets to?

Everyone loves a good meme, but which of these celebrities made famous by a meme is perfect for your squad?

There's a drama queen in every friend group. Who is the one in yours?

Sometimes, two people within a squad can get feelings for each other. Who of the following "heartthrob" celebrities would you fall for in your group?

If you were in a band, which pop star would you want to be in it with you?

When you're feeling down in the dumps, which celebrity would be the best at cheering you up?

Which celebrity do you think would be the most fun to go to a theme park with?

Of the following celebrities, which one would you want to hang out with at a bonfire?

Which talk show host would fit into your squad?

Reality television stars can really be the life of a party. Who would you invite into your squad?

The comedian in your friend group is which of the following?

You may not even realize it, but there's usually a chef in your friend group. What celebrity chef would yours be?

What celebrity squad would you want yours to be like?

To keep the balance, most friend groups have one person who is very relaxed. Which celebrity would be this person in your friend group?

Internet celebrities have become bigger and bigger, but which one would you like to have in your friend group?

Can you pick just one of these celebrities that you would like to be your coworker?

Your squad would be made that much better by which of the following celebrities?

One of these celebrities from singing competitions would have to fit in with your group perfectly. Who do you choose?

It takes many different people to make a great friend group. Which celebrity from a different country would you want to hang with you?

Which celebrity would be your sidekick if you were super heroes?

There's a genius in every friend group, but which inventor is the perfect fit for your squad?

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