Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Foreclosure Auctions
Fact or Fiction: Foreclosure Auctions
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Foreclosures are projected to jump 20 percent in 2011, and many of those foreclosed homes will be up for auction. Are you savvy enough to grab a deal at a foreclosure auction? Take our fact-or-fiction quiz and find out!

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Foreclosure auctions are held in secret chambers in the courthouse, and you need a password to get in.
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If you buy a foreclosed house, you may be liable for past-due utility bills.
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In 2010, 2.87 million property owners were in default.
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Of the three stages of foreclosure, auction is where you're likely to find the best deals.
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If the home you just won at auction has renters, you can evict them immediately.
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You can always inspect a home inside and out before you bid at an auction.
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If yours is the winning bid at a foreclosure auction, you can negotiate that price down later.
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There could be additional mortgages on the home that you, as the winning bidder, will have to pay.
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No matter where you live, you must pay your winning bid the day you win the auction.
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You can't buy your own foreclosed home when it goes to auction.
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