Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

By: Monica Lee
Image: Martin Novak/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you just mention some specific foods the conversation will get heated. Not possible? Ask someone how they feel about cilantro, anchovies or black licorice and see what happens. It's amazing how strong some people's viewpoints are! But YOUR opinion is what interests us.  Because when you tell us whether you would send a food item straight to heaven or hell, it will reveal your attitudes about certain things. Your likes and dislikes are clues to different personality traits. From eagerness to try new things, to how stupid you think the latest food trends are these days. We'll find out if you think sloppy joes are too sloppy, if  blue cheese is waaay too strong, or if home-cooked chicken soup is heaven-made. 

Although we've not giving you the Myers-Briggs personality test itself, your choices will help us align you with the personality types identified from that test. These personality types correspond to differing psychological preferences in how you perceive the world around you and make decisions. Even food decisions reveal a thing or two about you. Take the quiz now and we'll make the most accurate estimation we can. Get ready to be enlightened or really hungry. This quiz will do both. Start now! 

You've got the thumbs up or thumbs down, where does steak tartare go?

Where would you send a cinnamon strudel danish?

Is it getting hot in here or is it where you're sending food? Where does cilantro go?

Some people love raw oysters, how do you feel about them?

Sloppy Joes ... what's the verdict?

Are you making a yucky face? How do you feel about Brussels sprouts?

This one always has strong views. How do you feel about black licorice?

Adding parsley to make the plate more attractive. Where will we find it?

Another controversial food, blue cheese. Is it going to be melting somewhere or staying fresh?

Candy corn has its fans and critics, where should it go?

Black, green, Greek and other kinds of olives. Where are you sending them?

What's your reaction to white chocolate? It goes straight to ... where?

What are you feeling about cucumbers?

How about bacon?

Pizza with pineapple has its fans and its foes. Where will you send it?

How about anchovies? Where to?

Tofu. Heaven or Hell?

What's your take on grilled cheese?

Kale has its fans, are you one of them? Where will it go?

Cottage cheese has its place. Where is it?

Where would you send asparagus?

Are you a nut for coconut? Where will we find it?

Can you tell us where caviar is going?

What's your take on celery?

The simple potato chip. How are you feeling about it?

Bananas aren't controversial, or are they? Where would you send them?

Scrambled eggs, if you see that for breakfast, where do you want to send the dish?

Chocolate cake ... where would you put this dessert?

Where would chicken soup go?

Any restaurant entree served with foam. Where will you send that?

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