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Folliculitis is a pain! Learn all about the causes, effective treatments and why you should be wary of hot tubs!

Folliculitis is an infection of:

Infection occurs when a damaged hair follicle becomes clogged by bacteria, fungus, yeast or oils.


How can you avoid damaging hair follicles?

Hair follicles are damaged very often and probably without you even noticing, so it's difficult to avoid.


Severe cases of folliculitis can lead to permanent blindness.

Blindness is not a concern but it can lead to permanent baldness.


Hair follicles appear everywhere on your body except:

No hair grows on your palms, the soles of your feet, or any mucous membranes, which include your lips.


Folliculitis is most often caused by the common bacteria known as staph.

Staph is a common germ found on even the healthiest of people.


Infections can also occur when these substances enter the follicle:

Luckily, yeast and fungus infections are highly treatable.


Mild folliculitis heals on its own in about two months.

Mild cases usually clear up in about two weeks.


These types of creams treat the cause of the infection:

Antibiotic or antifungal creams can treat the area but if your infection is on the scalp, a medicated shampoo is the best option.


Hot tubs can cause folliculitis:

If the water in the hot tub doesn't have appropriate pH and chlorine levels, you can get hot tub folliculitis.


A doctor can treat more severe cases of folliculitis with:

Antibiotics and antifungal pills can clear up the problem but if it reoccurs there are more drastic treatments like laser hair removal.


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