Quiz: Quiz: Do you know how fluorescent lights work?
Quiz: Do you know how fluorescent lights work?
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Let there be fluorescent light! Fluorescent lights are found everywhere, but do you know how they work? Those white tubes are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and don't get as hot. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the science inside these fluorescent lamps.

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Light energy is made up of small particlelike packets that have __________.
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A light particle that has energy is called what?
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What is the main difference between the different types of light bulbs?
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Which metal is contained in the sealed glass tube of a fluorescent light?
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Electrons from mercury atoms mostly release light photons from which wavelength?
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Ultraviolet light is converted to visible light by what part of the fluorescent lamp?
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Why are fluorescent bulbs more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs?
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Fluorescent lamps are how many times more efficient than incandescent lamps?
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A fluorescent lamp needs what two things to send a current through the gas in the tube?
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Which of these is a gas discharge lamp, which releases colored visible light when stimulated by ions and electrons?
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Instant-start fluorescent lamps apply a very high initial voltage to the electrodes, which creates a _________.
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What part of a fluorescent light prevents an uncontrolled current from blowing out various electrical parts?
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Which of these is NOT caused by magnetic ballasts?
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