Quiz: The Ultimate Flooring Tips and Tricks Quiz
The Ultimate Flooring Tips and Tricks Quiz
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You're going to be floored by this quiz. It'll test you on carpets, floorings, rugs and just about anything that goes under your tootsies. Test your ruggedness and tenacity with this cool flooring brain-basher.

The dining room is where you can cut corners on flooring, because much of the floor is covered anyway with the table.

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If you save on floor covering in your dining room, how can you keep a luxury look with an inexpensive rug?

Make sure there is at least an interesting, attractive border on the rug, even if the rug is relatively cheap.

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When you take the measurements, bear in mind that you mustn't cover any floor vents.

Fires and carpets are a bad mix. Make sure to have a screen around the fireplace and preferably leave stone flooring or a fireproof rug around it.

It's best to go for dark carpets so you don't see pet stains, and ones that are easy on the animals' claws.

Sisal and coir coverings have natural dust-mite repellants in them called tannins.

In order to preserve the life of the rug, rotate it every year or, if need be, every six months.

Diagonally laid tiles give the room a more expansive look.

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Which shows up more dust: dark-stained or light-stained floors?

Even though many people go for dark-stained floors, the truth is that they show up more dust particles than light-stained ones.

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Are woolen carpets more durable than synthetic ones?

These days, synthetic carpets more or less match traditional woolen ones for durability.

Your carpet is valuable to you, your children and your grandchildren. But beware! Caked-in dirt will shorten its lifespan.

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How can you give new life to old concrete porch or garage floors?

Any old concrete floors can be salvaged by giving them a new facelift. Staining, waxing and scoring are all great methods.

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If you lay inexpensive carpeting, what is the best kind of padding to put underneath?

You can go cheap on the carpeting itself, but the padding is all-important. Make sure it's top quality!

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In your family room, what will wall-to-wall carpet or a soft-touch rug achieve?

Your family room is where the family members spend much of their time. By laying wall-to-wall carpeting or a soft rug, you reduce the noise level significantly.

Some quality laminate floors are great hardwood look-alikes. To tell the difference, look for pattern variations. Wooden flooring will have many natural variations.

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Hardwood floors are increasingly common for kitchen flooring, because they have more advantages than ever before. What has brought the change?

Hardwood floors now have a coating of polyurethane.

All-weather rugs are remarkably easy to clean; just spray them with a garden hose. Also, their color never fades.

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Which rug has a dirt-repellant quality made of high-lanolin wool?

Tibetan wool, in particular, is known for its dirt-repellant qualities. This is because of the high-lanolin content.

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What does a high-knot-count-per-square-inch indicate for your carpet?

The higher the knot count per square inch (i.e.. the density of the carpet), the higher the quality.

Unless they're microscopic or entrenched in dirt, don't give up on them. Use them to cover at least part of your wooden floor.

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