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This flooring quiz will test your knowledge of flooring options and installation. Test yourself with the flooring quiz.

Which is not an advantage of solid hardwood floors?

<p>Solid hardwood floors are not recommended for floors below ground level or directly over a concrete slab.</p>


Which is not true of laminate floors?

<p>Although laminate flooring looks like wood flooring, there is actually no solid wood used in its construction. Laminate floors are composed of several materials bonded together under a moisture-resistant layer and are covered with a layer of high-density fiberboard.</p>


Which is not true of ceramic tile?

<p>Ceramic tile can chip and crack.</p>


Which is not true of natural stone tile?

<p>Abrasive cleaners or acidic fluids can destroy the finish.</p>


Vinyl is the same as linoleum flooring.

<p>Linoleum is primarily made of all-natural products, such as linseed oil from flax, wood powder, limestone, resins and some colored pigments. The backing is made from jute, which is a natural grass.</p>


Which is not considered resilient flooring?

Resilient flooring is a material that has a relatively firm surface that has some "give," which allows it to bounce back to its original surface profile after compression from walking or the weight of furniture.


Which is not an advantage of carpet?

<p>Wall-to-wall carpet can absorb pet odor, cigarette smoke and odors associated with water damage or dampness.</p>


Which is not among the most-popular-selling carpets?

<p>Shag may be making comeback, but it's not as popular as the berbers and saxonies.</p>


Which traditional type of area rug is considered the best investment?

<p>Tibetan rugs are both durable and timeless. They're made from a special wool that has a very high lanolin content that repels soil and stains. They're an investment that you can walk on forever.</p>


Which rug fiber is not considered natural?

<p>Olefin is another name for polypropylene, which is a man-made fiber.</p>


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