Quiz: The Ultimate Flooring Don'ts Quiz
The Ultimate Flooring Don'ts Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Did you realize that your floors are the most heavily used part of your home? Knowing what not to do when buying floors can save you a lot of money. Check out our flooring-don'ts quiz to see what floor mistakes you definitely don't want to make.

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In rooms where water spills are common, what type of floor should you avoid?
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You should select dining room rugs that are large enough. You should leave at least _____inches from the table's edge to the edge of the rug.
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What type of carpet design should you choose for your stairs?
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What's the best way to prevent tripping over thresholds?
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What's the best color carpet for high traffic areas?
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How much should you spend on flooring for your home?
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What are some of the hidden charges when buying a new floor covering?
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