Quiz: The 'Flashdance' Quiz
The 'Flashdance' Quiz
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"Flashdance" didn't exactly receive a warm reception from the critics back in the day, but it became a cult classic and survived as a fabulous relic of '80s dance and fashion. How much do you know about "Flashdance"? Take this quiz to find out.

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What year did "Flashdance" come out?
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Who directed "Flashdance"?
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This is NOT one of the other movies that Adrian Lyne directed in the '80s.
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"Flashdance" was the first collaboration for the famed production team of Don Simpson and _______.
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True or false: The song "Maniac" was originally written for the movie "Maniac."
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The "Flashdance" theme ("What a Feeling") and this song from the soundtrack both topped the charts in 1983.
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Irene Cara, who sang "What a Feeling," also sang the theme to this other '80s film.
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Who's the main character in "Flashdance"?
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What's Alex's day job?
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What's her dream job?
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Where does "Flashdance" take place?
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What is Alex's dog's name?
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What's the name of the club where Alex dances?
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Who's Alex's best friend at Mawby's?
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And what is Jeanie's dream job?
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Who is Alex's boyfriend?
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How much older is Nick than Alex?
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Who is Alex's mentor?
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What's the name of the strip club that the evil Johnny C. owns?
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Does Alex finally become a ballerina?
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Who was one of the finalists for the role of Alex?
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Which rock star was in the running to play Nick?
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How many body doubles did Jennifer Beals have during filming?
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How many of them were female?
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True or false: "Flashdance" received generally positive reviews from critics when it was released.
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The "Flashdance" screenwriter paid a construction worker/dancer in Toronto named Maureen Marder for her life story. How much?
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In 2003, Maureen Marder unsuccessfully sued this singer over her "Flashdance"-inspired video.
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