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A smile is an expression of happiness, but it's hard to share your joy with the world when you're concerned about the appearance of your choppers. Fortunately, there are fixes for overlapped teeth. Can you identify the causes of overlapped teeth and the best ways to restore your smile?

Which of the following is NOT a cause of overlapped teeth?

People with overlapped teeth often hide their smile, but a frown is not the cause.


Are overlapped teeth only a cosmetic issue?

Having this condition corrected may have cosmetic benefits, but don't underestimate the impact it can make on your speech and health.


You can rest assured your insurance will cover the cost of fixing overlapped teeth.

Make sure you check with your insurance provider before having a procedure done -- an insurance provider may cover all or none of the cost.


There are really only a couple of options for fixing overlapped teeth.

Braces, contouring and veneers are just a few of the options available to people with overlapped teeth.


What type of braces are virtually invisible?

Invisalign braces are aimed at people who need the fix but prefer the clear structure to a mouth full of silver.


Where do braces attach to the teeth?

Traditional braces attach to the front of teeth, while lingual braces attach to the back.


Lingual braces are not only hidden on the back side of teeth, they're also pain-free.

While effective, lingual braces can cause discomfort and can be quite difficult to get used to.


If your dentist chooses to re-sculpt your overlapping teeth, he or she'll likely use one of these two tools.

If your dentist gets out a belt sander or a hammer, you have bigger problems than overlapped teeth.


Once you have braces, you won't be able to remove them until they've done their job.

While most braces will remain attached for months at a time, Invisalign braces are removable.


What is like a perfectly shaped case for a tooth?

Veneers go over your existing teeth. Everybody knows the Tooth Fairy puts the teeth in her pocket.


One of the downsides of having your teeth sculpted is:

When the tooth is reshaped, it can be weakened so your dentist will likely add a bonding agent.


Veneers are the poor man's fix for overlapped teeth

Veneers can cost as much as $1,500 per tooth, depending on the material used.


This is an added benefit of veneers.

Veneers can give you a dazzling white smile and straight looking teeth.


There is no connection between pacifiers and overlapped teeth.

The use of pacifiers and thumb-sucking can eventually cause teeth to misalign.


Teeth become misaligned at what age?

While teeth tend to misalign at a young age, even the structure of your face can change with time, leading to overlap.


Can overlapped teeth affect your speech?

Improved speech is one of the potential non-cosmetic benefits of having your teeth aligned.


How does your dentist make a veneer?

Your dentist will reshape your existing tooth, create a mold and then apply a veneer.


What kind of paste is used during sculpting and bonding?

The paste can be shaped and then allowed to harden into place.


Braces no longer need to be worn for more than three months.

Braces may need to be worn for a matter of months to a couple of years.


Braces connected to the front of teeth only come in silver.

The wires used with the "Six Month Smile" are also smaller than traditional braces' wires.


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