Quiz: Fitness Fact and Fiction Quiz
Fitness Fact and Fiction Quiz
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Show off your fitness IQ and your ThighMaster trivia prowess in our fitness quiz.

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Fact or fiction: Exercising turns fat into muscle.
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How many steps should we aim for every day?
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How much physical activity is recommended for American adults?
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What is considered physical activity?
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True or false: Sit-ups or crunches are best for losing belly fat.
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Which is not a good warm-up exercise?
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Which should you apply if you think you've strained a muscle?
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Which weighs more, fat or muscle?
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All of these daily activities are moderate exercise except which one:
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Which of the following is not an example of vigorous exercise?
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How many calories are in a pound of fat?
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It's a myth that you should drink this much water every day:
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About how many adults get the recommended amount of exercise?
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How many hours of rest are recommended for muscles to heal after a workout?
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True or false: Muscles burn calories even when you're resting.
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What's the most important piece of your workout gear?
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What's an easy way to see if you're getting a moderately intense workout?
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How much weight can you safely lose in one week?
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Which celebrity shilled ThighMaster in the 1990s?
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Is "no pain, no gain" good or bad advice?
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Why are resistance-training exercises important?
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When starting a exercise program, at which level of activity should you begin?
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True or false: Running is bad for your knees.
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How many deaths are attributed to inactivity, worldwide?
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Which of these states does not require students to take P.E.?
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How much moderate exercise should kids and teens get every day?
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True or false: Some exercise is better than none.
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